Raising boys

If we look at our society today, we find that most of the problems that occur from men, ranging from dependency, disrespect, and an insult to women 

to crimes of harassment and others, were basically the result of the poor upbringing of the child in his childhood.

Raising boys

 In the past, mothers raised their male sons as the best, and their sisters should respect and appreciate them and meet their demands all the time at the expense of themselves

but all this made this boy look down on the girl,

 and when he became a man he had the same view of every woman around him. So it's time to change this style of education. Every mother today must implant some things in her male children since their childhood, 

and these are the most prominent of them...

Raising male children: 

things every mother should teach her son from a young age 

Fulfilling a promise:

 Teach your son that honesty and keeping promises are important and indispensable things.

 So start with yourself, if you promise your child something that you must fulfill, this is how you get your child used,

 to be honest, and up to his word and not disappointing anyone and not promising something that he cannot fulfill.

 Honesty and honesty are among the most important qualities that indicate a good upbringing of a person.

Perseverance and patience:

 Many situations require patience, wisdom, and patience, as well as everyday situations that require patience.

 Therefore, you should focus on teaching your child patience through everyday situations such as waiting for food or downloading a movie to watch.

 Also, perseverance, starting something and being patient until reaching the desired result, is one of the most important things that you must teach your child so that he is a persistent person

 who does not get bored in his work and does not get bored quickly, especially of things that benefit him. Patience and perseverance are the basis of a person’s success.


 One of the most important things is to strengthen your son physically and teach him self-defense, but beware, as he may overdo it and turn into an aggressive person. 

 The importance of the family and family life:

 We find some young people in our society who do not realize the importance of the family and do not participate in family gatherings, but rather evade them. 

Therefore, you must avoid the reasons that may lead to the alienation of your son and contain him by getting close to him and understanding his feelings 

so that he feels the importance of the family and that you and his father are support for him. , so that he can deal well with girls at different stages of his life. He does not treat her as a weak, broken being, but as a strong character who has respect and appreciation

 Doing sports:

 Helping the child unload his energy in a positive way, such as participating in a sport he loves, also helps strengthen his body and immune system. 

He teaches him some sportsmanship behaviors, including tolerance and acceptance of loss and others. 

Therefore, we advise you to participate in the sports he prefers to develop his body and mind.

Practicing a hobby:

 Also encourage your child to develop a talent such as drawing, singing, and other hobbies that help in developing his personality in many behavioral aspects as they affect

 How to earn money: 

Some schools ask children to make something with their own hands, so the child learns the importance of money and how to earn money and strengthens his personality in self-reliance and diligence to obtain money and rely on Self and appreciating the efforts of the father and the mother is going to work to provide for the needs of the child and the family.

Personal hygiene, picture,  drawing, painting, or help with household chores: help with household chores, and help in preparing food, because creating it creates from it responsible for my dependence.

Providing assistance to the needy: 

Learn to provide assistance to others who support the child he supports so that he becomes accustomed, from an early age to helping others whenever he is able. 

And what to do? Surely, she should be able to do it, 

try new things:

 he wanted you to try something out of it, making him feel that he was not the devil of furniture. For children who are afraid of the same things, 

we must impose our personality on them, but rather help them to experience everything new and discover themselves and what they love.


 Be aware of setting limits for others, especially in physical and verbal interactions. Say goodbye to confidence in their clothes or in their lockers and school bags. 

Then the child, someone is spying on him and infiltrating his privacy, so he feels the help of the child surrounded by surveillance cameras wherever they are. 

 to fly, to fly, and space. An apology for his apology, which makes it reasonable, which makes him objection to the reasons for his apology if I erred in it makes it impossible to sell. 

 Confrontation and not running away:

 pushing the child to face situations instead of running away from them and avoiding them. Doing it helps you to be self-reliant, stand up to all situations, and take responsibility. Fail to fail and succeed.

 Failure in some matters means the end of life, the return of your son back from his childhood.

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