How to make the most beautiful scented candles for the home with natural ingredients?

Who among us does not like candles with their dim lighting that emits a romantic atmosphere in the home, especially if those candles smell sweet-scented scents that take you from reality to a world of fantasy and happy dreams?

 As you know, scented candles are made from a paraffin wax base, whose burning produces toxic substances such as an alkane, acetone, alkenes, and toluene that can have detrimental Hence, in this article, we decided to pay attention 

to presenting the most important ways to make candles with natural, non-toxic ingredients to purify the air and perfume the house healthily and effectively.

How to make the most beautiful scented candles for the home with natural ingredients?

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First, what are the disadvantages of most manufactured scented candles?

According to medical opinions circulating worldwide, inhaling the majority of scented candles that people use daily frequently contributes to serious health problems in the long run, such as cancer and chest allergies such as asthma.

According to recent studies, some candles contain wicks rich in heavy metals such as lead, and the use of these wicks has been banned in the United States of America, but, likely, they are still used in the manufacture of 30% of inexpensive scented candles. Studies have also indicated that these poorly made candles contain many artificial fragrances and dyes, and significant levels of VOCs and phthalates, all of which are toxic chemicals that are emitted into the air we inhale once lit.

Therefore, if you do not dispense with the use of scented candles in your home, you can buy safer options, as they should be world-famous brands that use only harmless natural ingredients or that you make them yourself with the least and simplest possibilities.

Handmade scented candles with natural ingredients

Experts advise you to use natural beeswax in making diffuser candles because it is safe, non-toxic, and works to purify the air in the home.

 Since beeswax burns at a different rate than other types of candles, you will need to make sure that you buy the right size wick for the container or jar used to pour the melted wax, by measuring the diameter of the jar. 

You can also make candles from soybean wax, but make sure when buying it that it is not genetically modified to be safe and not harmful when inhaled. 

It is also best to add good-smelling essential oils to homemade candles, such as lavender and chamomile, as they are safe to smell, especially if you have children.

Here's how to make candles at home:


- A cup of organic beeswax (in the form of small pellets).

¼ cup organic coconut oil

A glass jar or several small jars.

2 teaspoons of your favorite essential oils: vanilla oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, lavender oil, orange oil, pine oil, or cocoa oil.

How to prepare:

Bring a small saucepan, add a cup of water to it and let it boil over medium heat.

Put the jar containing the organic beeswax balls in the middle of the warm boiling water over the fire to melt them, then add the organic coconut oil over the honey to melt them together.

While melting the beeswax and organic coconut oil, place the wicks with a special metal ball to secure them inside the glass jar you are using to pour the melted wax.

- Fix the wick by placing a little melted beeswax on the metal ball and leaving it to solidify, or using a wax gun, thus ensuring that the wick ball is firmly attached to the bottom of the jar.

Use a spoon to stir the mixture of beeswax and organic coconut oil together, then add your favorite essential oils, stir the mixture, and then put it in the jars.

Use 2 of any sticks to keep the wick upright without twisting after pouring the melted wax.

It will take a few hours for the beeswax to harden. Therefore, it is best to leave the glass jars to solidify in a warm room or in a warm microwave after turning it off, so that the candle does not break and make small cracks while it is in the freezing stage.

Wait about 12 hours to make sure the mixture has completely solidified.

Trim the tip of the wicks sticking out of the jars so they are not too long. To get the best performance of the candle, light it the first time for only two hours, and after the first use, you can light it for as long as you want.

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