weaning from breastfeeding and how to choose the most suitable for your baby!

 Types of weaning from breastfeeding and how to choose the most suitable for your baby!

Many new mothers are puzzled when their children are approaching the appropriate age for weaning.

 Many of us know the traditional methods of weaning, 

which is to put a bin or something with a bad taste on the nipple so that the baby hates breastfeeding and shies away from it.

weaning from breastfeeding and how to choose the most suitable for your baby!

 But this method is not preferred and we advise against applying it, as it may not work for many babies.

 Today, mothers are looking for alternatives to this method, ways of weaning from various lactation, and how to apply it correctly.

 Given the difficulty and importance of this step at the same time, we have gathered for you everything you need to know about the types of weaning in this article...

First: sudden weaning 

It is the sudden cessation of feeding the baby and is considered one of the worst types

 of weaning, as breastfeeding is not only a source of nutrition for the baby but communication between him and his mother feels safe and assured.

 This type of weaning can make mother and baby depressed, so we do not recommend it. In addition,

 it may cause congestion in the mother's breast, which makes her take medications to treat this congestion and painkillers to relieve breast pain.


 Gradual weaning is gradual weaning where the mother reduces the feedings and the introduction of solid food and warm drinks until it replaces 

the feed that the mother has decreased, and so the gradual weaning may last months depending on each child and his acceptance of weaning,

 each child is different from the other. 

Doctors and mothers recommend gradual weaning, as it happens gradually so that the child gets used 

to it and does not cause him a psychological condition as it helps the mother to accept weaning without going through depression, and therefore 

the proportion of milk will decrease gradually by reducing the number of feedings and will avoid breast congestionEverything you need to know

 about baby food introduction and feeding conditions

 Sound third: weaning the baby to himself in this case the baby stops breastfeeding on his own, however, 

young children rarely wean themselves.

 True self-weaning is usually gradual and occurs after the baby is a year old but some mothers are surprised that their babies suddenly refuse to breastfeed.

This is where the mother's role is to start with solid foods and make sure the baby gets proper nutrition.


 night weaning, which is to reduce the feedings at night gradually and leave a few or seven hours between each feed and replace these feedings by day

, but avoid night weaning when your baby is sick or going through teething.

 This is a time when your baby needs attention for an hour a day and also make sure that your baby gets nutritious and useful meals during the day to make up for the lack of feeding gradually at night.

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At the end of the article

 we have also collected some effective tips for successful weaning without any hassle: we advise you to reduce the duration of one feed,

 as the breastfeeding session from one minute to one minute, you can gradually reduce it every day.

- Reduce the number of feedings at night, do not wake your baby until he is breastfed, leave him asleep to lengthen the time between feedings at night until the final reduction.

 Engage your child in activities, games, going out, and changing the atmosphere during the day so that he or she can get distracted and forget about some feedings,

 but make sure to provide meals of solid food for proper nutrition. A

- When deciding to wean, make your baby the meals he likes and prefers and avoid trying new types of foods, do not take risks at this time so that he does not refuse food. Do not listen to the advice to stay away from your baby at this stage

 but be by his side and support him so that he feels safe as if everything is the same and nothing changes, you will remain by his side even after weaning.

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