Is it safe to use expired shampoos, moisturizers, or cosmetics? Here's what the doctors say

 Is it safe to use expired shampoos, moisturizers, or cosmetics? Here's what the doctors say

We know we should get rid of expired foods and medicines, but we often forget to keep track of other products like shampoo, moisturizers, toothpaste, and makeup... Is it safe to use after its expiration date?

Is it safe to use expired shampoos, moisturizers, or cosmetics? Here's what the doctors say

Here's everything you need to know:

Expired products

The shampoo has expired

We may be tempted to buy large shampoo bottles that last longer, at the same time some of us use more than one type of shampoo, which makes one box last longer than necessary in fact, and it may expire without us noticing it, is it safe to use it in this case?

Most shampoos last for 18 months after opening, says esthetician Vince Spinato, and if the packaging has never been opened, it will often expire three years after the production date.

Some shampoos expire within 12 months after opening, so check what is written on the packaging.

And according to The List, expired shampoo can actually ruin your scalp. It undergoes chemical changes after its expiration date that contributes to irritating the scalp.

It can also cause dandruff and itching, and it may also produce an invisible eye bacterial and fungal growth in the scalp, and it will not be as effective in cleaning as non-expired shampoo.

Bottom line: Keep track of your shampoo's expiration date, and be sure to throw it away as soon as it expires.

Expired toothpaste

Unlike shampoo, expired toothpaste is not harmful, but at the same time, it is not effective, due to the low levels of active ingredients in it such as fluoride, anti-tartar, and anti-bacterial agent.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use expired toothpaste for a long time, because it will not be effective; Hence it will increase the risk of bacterial growth.

And in case you did not pay attention to the expiration date of the toothpaste, some signs may indicate the importance of immediate disposal of the toothpaste, such as the color of the paste has changed, or it becomes more liquid than usual, or contains a strange taste, or grows on it something like mold.

sunscreen cream

Good news for those with long-lasting sunscreens: Sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide will still work even after the product has expired.

However, for chemical sunscreens that contain oxybenzone, avobenzone, and homosalts, or combinations thereof, those ingredients can oxidize and become less effective after the product expires, chemist Perry Romanowski told CAN Lifestyle.

When should you remove sunscreen? Buy a new sunscreen if the old one is discolored, watery smell weird, or separates. It's always best to keep track of the expiration date and buy small packages if you don't use sunscreen often.

Face and body moisturizers

In this case, the situation is different depending on the ingredients of the humidifier. The more water-based humidifier, the more favorable it is for germs to grow after their expiration date.

If you use water-based moisturizers, stop using them once they have expired, as they will become a perfect environment for the growth of microbes that may transfer to your face and body.

These products are often used for 6 months after opening, check the expiry date of course when purchasing the product.

Face and body cleansers

Like toothpaste, an expired facial or body cleanser can still be used but will be less effective. However, people with sensitive skin should avoid expired products altogether.

If you notice changes in the appearance, color, smell, or texture of your facial cleanser, or if the product separates, throw it away immediately.

Contact lens solution

Once the expiration date has passed, the bacteria-killing chemicals in the solution do not work well. 

Furthermore, the solution may become contaminated over time and can lead to severe infection, vision loss, or even blindness, according to Dr. Bernard Libre, an optometrist with the US Food and Drug Administration's Branch of Contact Lenses and Retinal Devices.

Therefore, the contact lens solution must be immediately discarded once its expiry date.

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