Beware... 10 wrong things you do that you grow, this hugs the baby with the baby's skin and health

 Beware... 10 wrong things you do that you grow, this hugs the baby with the baby's skin and health

Frequently asked questions in various questions her child.

 My baby can change her color with some questions and answers in the diaper area, and I found many answers with the baby's body

Beware... 10 wrong things you do that you grow, this hugs the baby with the baby's skin and health

I decided to share with you the questions to avoid harm to your two-year-old child: How do you take care of your child's hygiene in his first year?

1. How do I frame a bikini perfume for my child

 as there have been certain tickets as often as expected whenever inter alia it is often recommended while using this holiday while traveling for children, proof of that, that dictates this.

 by doctors. Essential oils can be used for an idea diluted with oil such as coconut to moisturize the skin of an infant, but they cannot be used for a direct idea.

 In the event of an unpleasant odor in the 

case of a private doctor.

 She started using the lightening creams that were photographed after her appearance in the bikini area under this one-year-old girl.

 Materials to lighten these wonderful creams of creams to make them suitable for many butterflies.

Use any quality wet wipes that contain any substances

 or use formaldehyde that may be harmful to your baby's skin.

 The treatment should contain the highest percentage of water.  

How do I increase the density of my baby's hair? 

The mistake: Using olive and coconut oils on your baby’s hair may cause hair to fall out or scalp damage to his hair, 

but make sure to get the right nutrition and eat food that benefits hair and skin so that it happens through breastfeeding.

 Foods that contain foods that contain foods contain foods that contain fatty acids like avocado and those that contain proteins like eggs, chicken, etc. 

 How did they come from proteins like eggs and chicken that my son had? 

The mistake: 

Try mixing on the scalp, it's very effective. 

Right: There is a special shampoo for this type of type called foam that is used in these types. The natural pictures 

that you hear here, this picture contains coconut oil materials, for 15 minutes, then remove these peels with a brush or comb gently, for 15 minutes.

 Then rinse hair with baby shampoo to remove any remaining oil. "Loneliness... Guilt... Depression" Education Specialist Hanan Ezz El-Din We talked about mothers' psychological problems 

How do I lighten my daughter's skin like the first week of childbirth, as it has become dark in color?

 The mistake: Experimenting with skin-lightening creams and trying popular natural recipes. Environmentally harmful to maintain his skin, use the same skin moisturizer that uses natural oil such as coconut and buy them from a natural source. 

It is reliable and moisturizes the child's body and general, as it is suitable for the value of the drug, and has a good chance of skin absorption, oxidation, and medications needed to improve skin health.
It appears that the cells that appear? Wrong: 

Experimenting with popular ointments, creams, and antibiotics

True: Constant showering and applying natural coconut oil inward, study period, study period, study period, 4 months Wrong: 

wrong using the same substance of the same thing, essential oil or lavender oil, Respiratory essential oil.

 The mistake: 

using some medicinal creams and ointments. In this case, you should know that the skin and body of a baby are some of the most beautiful things ever. 

He will change color during his first year, which he rotated by showing him virtual painting, his skin, just taking care of his hygiene.

Do you have a problem with skin, hair, or makeup? 

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