Brooklyn Nets ride great post-exchange cutoff time 'vibe' to snap 11-game losing streak

Brooklyn Nets ride great post-exchange cutoff time 'vibe' to snap 11-game losing streak

NEW YORK - - The positive feeling was unmistakable for the Brooklyn Nets on Monday night as they snapped an 11-game losing streak with a 109-85 success over the Sacramento Kings.

Brooklyn Nets ride great post-exchange cutoff time 'vibe' to snap 11-game losing streak

As the successful players advanced back to the storage space, their cheers and energy were felt and heard through the dividers inside Barclays Center.

Brooklyn Nets ride good post-trade deadline 'vibe' to snap 11-game losing streak

"It felt astonishing," Nets monitor Bruce Brown said. 

"We were in Miami, we had a little group holding occasion and afterward the energy recently different. 

We can all vibe it, believe it in the storage space and we realize we will be in the vicinity so it was only really great for us to be around one another, get more familiar with one another, and it was only an incredible win for us today."

Brown, who had 19 focuses, 6 bounce back, and d6 help and played strong guard, was given the game ball after the success and noticed that there is a lot more joyful "vibe" in the storage space throughout the course of recent days.

"The storage space, it's simply an incredible energy in there the present moment," Brown said. "

I don't have the foggiest idea what it is, everything just moved after the exchange cutoff time. Everyone likes everyone, so it's simply extraordinary."

The Nets exchanged away disappointed All-Star James Harden last Thursday to the Philadelphia 76ers in return for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two future first-round picks. 

Brown, who declined to give more particulars about the group holding an occasion in Miami, was inquired as to whether the way that everyone is by all accounts improving now implied that wasn't the case prior in the season, however, he disputed.

"Everyone enjoyed every one," Brown said. "We're somewhat nearer now."

One reason the Nets are feeling so great is the manner in which Curry and Drummond came into the beginning arrangement and had prompt effects. 

Curry scored 23 focuses and aided space the floor for the other colleagues. After it was finished, he said his brain didn't meander contemplating what it might be want to play with Kevin Durant (hyper-extended MCL), Kyrie Irving (unfit to play in New York City due to the COVID-19 immunization command), and Simmons (reconditioning subsequent to being away from the NBA for north of nine months), since he was sure it planned to work from the start.

"I definitely knew," Curry said. "I didn't need to see what we did this evening to know the sort of style we'll play. 

We'll have such countless weapons out there - - obnoxiously and protectively. It will be loads of amusing to play. 

It's been some time since I got all over the floor like that.

 Furthermore played with that sort of speed, even in the half-court."

Nets mentor Steve Nash attempted to make Curry agreeable by running a portion of similar sets he ran with the Sixers.

"We ran a portion of the activities he's accustomed to running," Nash said. "We additionally set him in a situation to act naturally. 

Not need to stress over a ton of things so we need him to simply play, be uninhibited, we trust in him as a player and we don't need him thinking however much we need him being forceful and acting naturally, and he was extraordinary this evening."

Drummond, who had 11 focuses, 9 bounce back, and 4 bits of help, stays hopeful with regards to the Nets' possibilities, notwithstanding the reality they've been battling such a huge amount throughout the course of recent weeks.

"We have an incredible gathering of folks," Drummond said.

 "Folks that are missing at present, we got to sit tight for them to get solid, yet when everyone gets back I think we'll be, great and make a generally excellent push at the end of the season games."

After every one of the feelings of the previous month, Nash was simply blissful his group had the option to refocus and stays certain the Nets will be rolling again soon when they get their full program back.

"I think they merited it," Nash said. 

"They merited a success after this stretch. Played a few truly extreme groups, been down bodies ... 

they've been of the greatest person going through a stretch like this and presenting to it consistently so they merited it." 

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