Lions rookie Derrick Barnes was among the children mentored by Andrew Whitworth

 Lions newbie Derrick Barnes was among the kids coached by Andrew Whitworth

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Rams hostile tackle Andrew Whitworth got the Walter Payton Man of the Year grant on Thursday night, and in tolerating the honor, he recounted a story that outlined the manner in which a player can have an effect off the field.

The story was concerning this present season's Rams-Lions game, in which Lions new kid on the block Derrick Barnes moved toward Whitworth on the field to help him to remember how enormous a distinction he had made in Barnes' life years prior. 

The 40-year-old Whitworth played in Cincinnati from the get-go in his vocation, and he tutored Barnes, who experienced childhood nearby.

"One experience united everything for me this year, and it happened to me on a football field," Whitworth said in his acknowledgment discourse. 

"In our game against the Detroit Lions, I had a youthful player from the Lions approach me when the last horn went off. 

What's more, I saw him running over, and I didn't have the foggiest idea what was happening, similar to we'd known one another for eternity. I was unable to put him. It made me so apprehensive. 

Had I really played long sufficient that a mentor's child or player's child is playing against me? He halted that. He said, 'Hello man, you're not going to recollect me. 

I'm Derrick Barnes. You invested energy with me when you were a youthful player in Cincinnati at the Boys and Girls Club, and it meant everything to me. 

You used to sit with me and converse with me about existence. What's more, I was a tiny bit of a child. 

I need you to realize the amount it intended to me. . . . You know what, the primary thing I needed to say, Whit, I made it. I came to the NFL, Big Whit.'"

Whitworth approached all NFL players to inspect how they can have an effect on the existence of children in their networks.

"I was stunned for how extraordinary that was," Whitworth said. 

"I want to believe that you don't see that video and believe there's anything extraordinary with regards to me. 

However, I trust that you see it and you think this: On that Tuesday off day - when each person sitting in this room that is played realizes I'd prefer to be at home, I made an interest in him.

 Also, I didn't have any acquaintance with it. 

I believe that is an extraordinary example for us all. Not even one of us knows when the second will introduce itself. The key is to continuously be accessible when it does."

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