Can you really lose weight in 21 days?

How can I lose weight naturally?

How can I lose 5kg in a week without exercise?

Lose weight fast is one of the topics that everyone has an opinion on, as it is a topic that is inseparable from any gathering with friends or “the decision to have dinner at home or even at the club on a Friday morning.

 Many people like to tell about their many experiences in the diet and diet, and how the recipe The one that she transferred from her friend succeeded with her, and that her relative’s diet did not get along with her, and many stories and various experiences.

lose weight in 21 days

With the emergence of different types of diet such as keto and intermittent fasting, opinions abounded, such as, “You should try keto,” “intermittent fasting is the most appropriate solution for patients with insulin resistance,” “You should not eat after eight in the evening,” “Cinnamon ginger drink is suitable for burning fat.” Eating a lot of oats will cause you to have an allergic reaction. 

Lots and lots of opinions that some of us applied and others gave up and got bored and bored, especially with the winter and the cold weather that always makes us feel hungry...

So today I decided to tell you about my experience of following the 21 Day Diet Challenge, and can you really lose weight in 21 days? Read on to find out the answer...

First, we need to know why is it so hard for us to lose weight?

lose weight in 21 days

Some consider that the phase of losing weight is like a prison... I always remember when I was young that I felt like I was fasting due to the lack of food I was eating and depriving me of normal foods!

On following a Chinese or chemical diet where he ate apples and eggs only for a week! I think that most of us had these thoughts and remember this “white paper” when he sees that his weight has increased on the scale, for example, or that a piece of clothing no longer fits him. 

It often makes me feel hungry in the first place! Therefore, before starting to follow a diet, you must first consult a nutritionist, and if he gives you this white paper without asking you for specific tests or measuring the percentage of fat, water, and muscle in your body, know immediately that this doctor is not good and must change it immediately. Diet and dieting are not prisons. 

lose weight in 21 days

It is a healthy way and lifestyle that we must follow for our body to actually benefit from the food we eat. 

Who among us ate for a week “fast food, frying pans, and sweets” and then felt that his stomach was comfortable and that he was healthy? Of course, no one. 

and now, I will tell you my experience in the 21-day challenge of eating a balanced diet with exercise...why did I start? Simply, my favorite clothes no longer fit my size. 

What diet did I follow? 

And other medical tests also measured the percentage of muscle, water, and body fat. 

The system was simply that it contained healthy and balanced food without any deprivation from any meals and I was allowed to eat two meals of fast food in one week with exercise for at least half an hour a day and not eating carbohydrates at dinner.

 How was my experience with the 21 challenge A day to lose weight? 

lose weight in 21 days

The first week: The most suffering of them, especially after a period full of laziness and unhealthy eating.

 This was my first time lifting weights and doing resistance exercises alongside cardio, but I was feeling great after working out. 

2nd week: I feel better and I'm simply 'light'! As my stomach started to get used to healthy and balanced food, I even felt that I didn't need those two junk foods because I simply didn't want to feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating these meals.

 I'm going to hold out for a full minute doing the plank, and it was really the best week out of them in terms of working out and eating a balanced diet. 


- I lost 4 kg (3 kg of water and 1 kg of fat). 

- I gained half a kilo of muscle! 

- My stomach has improved a lot and my colon doesn't bother me like before. 

- I decided to try this experiment again to see better results! The conclusion of this experiment.

- Yes, you can lose weight in 21 days, but not many kilograms. 

- From The important thing is to lose excess fat and water from the body, not muscle, which is why exercise is very important. 

- The first two minutes of exercise are the hardest, after that the exercise period becomes easy and you adapt to it. 

- The feeling after exercise is really worth every second you do. Yellow causes hunger Find out how food colors affect your appetite? 

- Unhealthy eating and fast food are fun in their time, then for me, it is a struggle with my stomach and body

- You need to repeat the 21 days from time to time if you want to lose more kilograms. 

- Finally, do not pay attention to the words and advice of others, just visit your nutritionist and she will simply guide you on the best way to lose weight

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