15 amazing benefits when eating onions with honey

 15 amazing benefits when eating onions with honey

Onions and honey are foods that provide the body with many health benefits for the human body and are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are important to the body, so it is one of the healthy foods that can be added to the diet.

15 amazing benefits when eating onions with honey

 Onions and honey have many benefits, including:

Expels phlegm and treats allergies and asthma

Eat a tablespoon of onion juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey every 3 hours, as this mixture has a high ability to expel phlegm accumulated in the airways, which results in shortness of breath and the occurrence of asthma attacks.

It treats nasal allergy problems

Squeeze the amount of a medium onion and take the afternoon water and mix with the same amount of honey. 

The mixture is placed on low heat until it boils and away from the fire until it cools. A tablespoon is taken from it in the morning and another in the evening after eating.

Onions are great for hair

  • Eat, and apply directly on the head, it can be mixed with other ingredients such as coconut oil, and onions contain sulfur and keratin essential for strong hair, it promotes hair growth because it increases blood flow to the hair, fights scalp infections, dandruff and lice.
  •  Reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
  • Onion is an effective remedy for constipation, and excellent for pregnant women
  • It kills all microbes in the mouth and contributes to sterilizing the mouth.
  • Treating cataracts in the eye
  • Contributes to the treatment of acne, good for dark spots on the face
  • Treats heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure.
  •  Strengthens sexual ability and the length of the erection period in men
  •  Strengthens the nerves
  •  Stimulates bowel movement
  • It contains diuretics and bile.
  • It is considered a tonic for the heart, arteries, and blood circulation
  • Treats bruises and bruises
  • About three tablespoons of onion juice are mixed with three tablespoons of eucalyptus oil, then massage the affected area twice a day.

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