5 basic rules for losing fat in the winter.. Get to know them

 5 basic rules for losing fat in the winter. Get to know them

5 basic rules for losing fat in the winter.. Get to know them

Losing weight has never been easy, but the task becomes more difficult when the temperature drops sharply. 

Cold weather affects our weight loss process in many ways. 

We become less energetic, drink less water, and turn more towards processed foods for comfort. Our body gets less vitamin D due to less sunlight.

All of these factors together slow down the metabolism, making it difficult for our bodies to shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight, and many people tend to gain more weight during the winter, which is generally known as winter weight.

What you need to do is to change your weight loss strategy according to the change in weather. 

Making some positive changes in your daily regimen and diet, taking into account the cold weather can help you stay on track and shed pounds. Here are 5 basic rules laid out by timesofindia for weight loss In winter.

drink lukewarm water

When it comes to staying healthy or losing weight, drinking water is usually overlooked, but the problem becomes more serious in the winter seasons when low fluid intake leads to dehydration, which increases the feeling of hunger and reduces the body's ability to burn fat.

It is advised to replace plain water with lukewarm water in winter, especially since lukewarm water has many benefits such as that it stimulating blood circulation in our bodies by breaking down fat deposits and will help maintain body temperature.

Try Inner Activity

There's nothing better than a warm blanket and a cup of coffee on a cold winter's morning, and for this instant pleasure, we're often willing to sacrifice our health and fitness goal, and either skip our workout session or cut it out entirely and as a result, we burn fewer calories and lose pounds.

A simple solution to this problem is indoor activities. If you don't want to go to the gym or walk in the winter, try doing indoor activities to stay active. Rope skipping, ladder exercises, and dancing are some of the best ways to stay active in the winter.

Monitor your intake of sweets and carbohydrates

Winter is famous for its warm food which is hard to ignore. Moreover, we tend more towards carbohydrate-rich foods in winter due to lower levels of vitamin D and serotonin in the body, we tend to reach for more processed foods and often order prepared foods, all of these things can make It sabotages weight loss and gets you off track.

Add foods rich in vitamin D and serotonin to your diet such as okra, mushrooms, dairy products, salmon, eggs, nuts, and seeds, and also choose healthy sources of carbohydrates such as quinoa, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

Spend some time outdoors

Winter blues are real and can affect your mood as well as your eating habits. When we're feeling down, we automatically crave comfort foods, which are generally unhealthy and full of fat.

To overcome this problem, spend some time outdoors and do things that make you happy. You can also eat foods known to improve moods such as bananas, berries, oats, and dark chocolate.

Eat small meals

Instead of eating three large meals and starving yourself between each meal, eat smaller meals, this will keep you fuller for longer and reduce the intake of junk food, also, try not to skip your meal, eat foods in moderation and fill your plate with protein and whole foods.

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