6 benefits that will make you keen on eating raw honey

 6 benefits that will make you keen on eating raw honey

6 benefits that will make you keen on eating raw honey


Honey, although most people know the benefits of honey and are keen to buy and eat it, the vast majority do not know the benefits of raw honey that comes directly from the beehive.

Most types of honey on store shelves have been subjected to processing and processing operations before being packaged and presented to the public, and thus have lost some of the antioxidants and some of the beneficial bacteria found in raw honey that has never been touched by hands.

Raw honey extracted from honeycombs directly contains bee pollen, which improves health and gives the body great benefits. 

It may also contain some impurities such as bee wings and wax, so it is recommended to filter it before eating it. 

There are 6 health benefits of raw honey, according to the Bold Sky website, which is concerned with health, as follows:

1- Improve digestion

Raw honey improves the performance of the digestive system and treats the problems of diarrhea and stomach ulcers, and to make the most of it, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach.

2- Avoid aging diseases

Because it contains flavonoids and antioxidant phenols, raw honey protects cells from damage, thus reducing the chances of aging diseases, and polyphenols, which are abundant in raw honey, prevent heart disease.

3- Effective treatment for colds and coughs

Adding raw honey to hot tea with lemon is an effective treatment for colds and sore throats, and its content of dextromethorphan makes it a cure for cough, rather than strengthening the body's immunity in general.

4- It is a good source of energy

Because it contains a large amount of water and nutrients, raw honey is a powerful source of energy, and it can be consumed before and after exercising to boost energy.

5- A healthy alternative to sugar

Its sweet taste makes raw honey a healthy alternative to sugar.

6- Healing wounds

Raw honey is characterized by its ability to kill harmful bacteria, and its antiseptic properties make it help to heal skin wounds quickly.

Despite the aforementioned amazing benefits of raw honey, please be careful and consult your doctor before starting to give it to infants under one year of age, as it may contain harmful bacteria that may cause food poisoning.

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