Benefits of lemon water, including weight loss

 Benefits of lemon water, including weight loss

Lemon has many health and therapeutic benefits, including weight loss. 

In this article and exclusively on the first Arab diet magazine in the world of health and beauty, learn about the most important benefits of drinking lemon water, especially in the morning

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We often hear about the benefits of lemon water in the morning, but few of us know its true benefits. Drinking hot water with lemon on an empty stomach has great health benefits.

 Lemon juice is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, potassium, proteins, and vitamins B and C and is highly effective in building antiviral immunity.

Health benefits of drinking lemon water

• Lemon is an excellent and rich source of Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies.

• Lemon contains pectin fiber which is very beneficial for colon health and also acts as a powerful antibacterial.

• It balances the maintenance of pH levels in the body.

• Having warm lemon juice in the early morning helps flush out toxins.

• It has a synergistic effect on the body because it helps calm the digestive system.

• It aids digestion and encourages the production of bile.

• A great source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium.

• It helps prevent the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases.

• It helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid.

• It helps treat colds.

• The potassium content in lemon helps the brain cells and nerves nourish.

• It liquefies bile and also helps to regulate the flow of excess bile.

• It strengthens the liver by providing energy for liver enzymes when they are very diluted.

• It helps to balance calcium and oxygen levels in the liver.

• It can help relieve the problem of indigestion and excess gas.

• In the event of a burning heart, with a glass of concentrated lemon juice, you should consult a doctor.

• In the case of pregnant and breastfeeding women, lemon juice helps build strong bones in the child, due to its calcium content.

• It helps dissolve gallstones and other calcium build-ups that are dangerous to the body.

• It is of great benefit to the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne.

• It helps maintain the health of the eyes and helps fight eye problems.

• They help reduce phlegm (mucus) produced by the body.

• It also has symptoms of alkalinity in the body.

• It helps to control the speed of unhealthy bacteria in the intestines.

• Helps in the production of juices in the digestive system.

• It helps to purify the blood.

• Lemon juice helps to replenish body salts, especially after a session of physical exercise.

• It can treat sore throat. Gargling with warm water and lemon to help relieve a sore throat

16 benefits of lemon water in the morning

1- Weight loss Drinking lemon water helps maintain weight, by regulating blood sugar. 

The pectin in lemon water may also help fight hunger attacks, making you eat less throughout the day.

2- The immune system This drink supports the lymphatic system, which works in tandem with the immune system.

3- For colds and flu Lemon strengthens the immune system and has several antiviral and antibacterial effects because it is rich in vitamin C, which makes it an effective treatment for fighting colds and flu.

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