A mixture of honey and another for premature ejaculation

 A mixture of honey and another for premature ejaculation

Some men may suffer from premature ejaculation, and there are several treatments to slow this process, including the use of a mixture of honey and ginger, learn about them in this article.

A mixture of honey and another for premature ejaculation

Most men tend to take five to six minutes in intercourse, but ejaculation may occur at an early stage, so we offer you a honey mixture for premature ejaculation in the following article:

Causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which men tend to ejaculate before the stage of deep penetration, so sex ends in a short period.

The reason for this is not known, but generally, men who have low levels of the chemical serotonin in their brains take a shorter time to ejaculate.

Emotional factors can also play a role, such as:

Nervous pressure.


Performance dread.

Relationship problems.

Men who are concerned about losing an erection develop a rush to ejaculate.

Honey mixture for premature ejaculation

Honey is a sweet and nutritious substance that people usually consume unaware of the many benefits associated with it, as it helps fight skin infections and enhances sexual performance.

You can prepare a honey mixture for premature ejaculation and increase pleasure during sex by preparing the following ingredients:

a glass of milk;

A teaspoon of ginger.

a spoonful of honey;

Mix a tablespoon of honey with ginger in one cup and add it to boiling milk, then take this mixture regularly to overcome premature ejaculation.

Other mixtures treat premature ejaculation

After you got to know the honey mixture for premature ejaculation, here are some other mixtures that slow down the ejaculation process:

Asparagus powder: Boil two tablespoons of asparagus powder with one glass of milk for ten minutes and then drink it twice a day regularly.

Saffron and Almonds: Soak the almonds for 10 minutes in the water in the evening. 

The next day, remove the skin from the almonds and put them in a cup of cow's milk with cardamom powder, ginger, and a pinch of saffron.

Garlic: Another natural ingredient commonly found in every kitchen, eat 2 to 3 cloves of garlic daily to improve your ejaculation time.

Carrots: Finely chop the carrots and mix them with honey.

Lifestyle changes: Avoid consuming a lot of coffee, tea, alcohol, and smoking, and try to practice yoga as it helps to overcome ejaculation problems.

The benefits of honey for sexual ability in general

There is no doubt that honey has tremendous benefits for healthy sex life, including:

Increases sexual desire: Honey improves your mood due to its aphrodisiac properties, as honey can raise your desire to a large extent.

Improves sexual performance in men and women: Regular consumption of honey generally enhances your sexual performance, as it facilitates smooth blood flow to the genitals which in turn leads to stronger erections.

Slows down premature ejaculation: honey helps to slow down the period that couples take to have intercourse because of its role in slowing down premature ejaculation.

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