Do you think that drinking water and lemon benefits humans?.. Here are the shocking facts

 Do you think that drinking water and lemon benefits humans?.. Here are the shocking facts

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Many believe that drinking warm water with drops of lemon juice before having breakfast on an empty stomach is very beneficial for health.

It is believed that this drink has slimming and diuretic effects, gives the body energy and makes the skin brighter, as well as strengthens the immune system and many other health benefits believed.

But in fact, water and lemon are two types of foods that, if taken alone, are already very good for the body, but is mixing them together really healthy or a myth?, the question that the next report answers, according to the Italian “today” website.

Lose weight

There is a common belief that drinking lemon water helps you lose weight, but in reality, this is not true.

This is because lemon is rich in water, vitamin C, citric acid, and mineral salts, but no scientific studies are showing that mixing it with water gives the drink the ability to stimulate the metabolism process and thus lose weight.

The freshness of the skin

The belief that drinking lemon water leads to the radiance and freshness of the skin, is incorrect.

Vitamin C in lemons contributes to the formation of collagen, which is the structural protein of the skin, but it ensures its firmness, not its glossiness or elasticity.

power supply

Many believe that drinking lemon water on an empty stomach gives the body energy.

But an incorrect belief, as the drink, cannot give any kind of energy to the body, but only helps in better digestion, because it activates pepsinogen (an enzyme secreted by the cells of the gastric mucosa), and turns it into pepsin, which is the most important digestive enzyme.

Diuresis and body purification

The belief that drinking lemon water generates urine and purifies the body, is incorrect.

It is believed that this drink has antiseptic and diuretic effects due to its sour taste, but no scientific study has proven these effects on the body.

Reduce acidity levels in the blood

The ability of lemon water to reduce acidity levels in the blood is incorrect, as citric acid, which is found in lemon juice, does not change the pH of the blood at all.

In fact, through complex systems, our body maintains stable pH levels or pH levels between 7.35-7.45, and no food can change its acidity so easily.

Strengthening the immune system

Many people drink lemon water, believing that it works to strengthen the immune system.

But in reality, this is not true. When the body is deficient in vitamin C (ascorbic acid), the immune system is weakened, but eating more of it has not been shown to provide any real benefit to the immune system.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Drinking lemon water regularly has been proven to help reduce high blood pressure.

In addition, vitamin P with vitamin C and potassium in lemon strengthens the heart muscle and improves the condition of the arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

Lowering blood sugar

One study showed that drinking 125ml of lemon juice diluted in water on an empty stomach can slightly lower blood sugar levels.

Fight bad breath

Water and lemon juice are among the most effective remedies for regulating the pH of saliva and fighting the bacteria that cause bad breath.

tooth enamel erosion

Like all soft drinks and orange juice, water and lemon can lead to long-term erosion of tooth enamel.

To reduce the risk of acid erosion, dentists recommend washing your mouth with tap water after drinking lemon water, chewing sugar-free gum afterward to stimulate saliva production, avoiding brushing teeth immediately after drinking lemon water, and drinking it using a pipette to avoid contact with your teeth.

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