Bob Lanier, Basketball Hall of Fame center and former No. 1 overall pick, dies at 73

 Sway Lanier, Basketball Hall of Fame focus and previous No. 1 in general pick, bites the dust at 73

Bob Lanier, Basketball Hall of Fame center and former No. 1 overall pick, dies at 73

Lanier arrived at the midpoint of 20 places and 10 bounce back more than 14 seasons with the Pistons and Bucks

Sway Lanier, who played 14 seasons with the Detroit Pistons and Milwaukee Bucks and was enlisted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 1992, has passed on at 73 years old.

NBA official Adam Silver put out the accompanying announcement.

"Sway Lanier was a Hall of Fame player and one of the most skilled focuses throughout the entire existence of the NBA, yet his effect on the association went a long way past what he achieved on the court. 

For over 30 years, Bob filled in as our worldwide minister and as an exceptional colleague to [former commissioner] David Stern and afterward me, venturing to the far corners of the planet to show the game's qualities, and have a beneficial outcome on youngsters all over the place.

"It was a wonderful source of both pain and joy for Bob, who was one of the most thoughtful and most real individuals I have at any point been near. 

His colossal effect on the NBA was additionally found in his experience as President of the National Basketball Players Association, where he assumed a critical part in the discussion of a game-changing aggregate dealing arrangement.

"I advanced such a great amount from Bob by essentially seeing how he associated with individuals. He was a dear companion who I will miss beyond all doubt, as will so many of his partners across the NBA who were roused by his liberality. 

We send our most profound sympathies to Bob's loved ones."

Lanier was the No. 1 general pick in the 1970 draft, and he found the middle value of 20 places and 10 bounce back for his vocation. He additionally served on the democratic board for the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team, which was reported last October.

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