Does drinking hot milk with honey help to sleep?

 Does drinking hot milk with honey help to sleep?

Is it good to drink milk with honey at night?

Exercising before bed causes insomnia. Drinking a glass of warm milk with honey helps you fall asleep quickly. 

These and others are a group of sayings circulated among many people regarding sleep. But what is the truth of these claims from a scientific point of view?

Does drinking hot milk with honey help to sleep?

Interrupted sleep may have negative effects on its owner, including feeling tired during the day and lack of focus. 

Therefore, many resorts to experimenting with different methods to get better sleep, such as drinking warm milk with honey or herbal tea. But are these recipes really feasible and help to enjoy a peaceful sleep?

Hot milk with honey

According to the German Sleep Foundation, a hot drink, whether milk or tea, may help sleep. 

A warm drink helps relax, removes stress, and stops the flow of cortisol before bedtime. Also taking a hot bath or doing relaxation exercises or yoga gives a feeling of relaxation and helps to sleep better.

"Even in the absence of scientific evidence about the relationship between drinking warm milk with honey and sleep, many people confirm that this drink helps them and makes them feel relaxed," says nutrition expert Brigitte Neumann. 

Neumann adds that as long as there are no things that confirm the contrary, it can be adopted and tested.

Avoid alcohol and stimulant drinks before bed

Some say that drinking a glass of beer or wine after a tiring day helps sleep. Is this true? Expert Neumann refutes this and considers that alcohol disturbs sleep. 

It may be true that the sedative effects of alcohol may make you fall asleep quickly, but you will find it difficult to fall asleep consistently and you may find yourself constantly waking up during the night and not enjoying sleep. 

Even consuming a large amount of alcohol causes a feeling of malaise and dizziness, affects deep sleep, and induces nightmares.

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