Honey and onions to eliminate man's weakness

 Honey and onions to eliminate man's weakness

What do onion and honey-do to your body?

Does eating raw onions increase sperm count?

Dr. Sherif El-Raey, Andrology Specialist, Cairo University, stated that there are pathological causes that may lead to erectile dysfunction, such as chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure

 and the infection may occur as a result of excessive use of medications or sexual stimulants, in addition to low testosterone secretion, and excessive sexual activity. 

Smoking, drinking alcohol, not exercising, or eating foods high in fat.

Honey and onions to eliminate man's weakness

He points out that there are several foods that help increase the ability to have an erection, including honey, which works very effectively to stimulate an erection

 as it contains zinc, and onions increase the proportion of semen, and it contains a high percentage of sulfur, which helps Increase sexual ability.

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