How to lose weight in winter

How to lose weight in winter

Winter and weight loss Winter is a harsh season for most people due to the extreme cold and humidity of the air, which makes exercising a bit difficult. 

Quite the opposite, winter may be a good tool for weight loss,[1] gradual weight loss helps maintain weight, as healthy weight loss does not mean just a diet or program, but rather a continuous lifestyle that includes long-term changes in eating and exercise habits Sports, and in this article will focus on how to lose weight in the winter.

[2] How to lose weight in the winter Many people are unaware of how to lose weight in the winter, some things must be paid attention to and implemented during the winter to help lose weight. 

Healthily and does not require much effort to do as follows:[

1] Take advantage of closed clubs: these clubs provide various equipment and a warm atmosphere in which to exercise. Stay away from high-calorie foods: 

It is preferable to reduce these foods and replace them with foods with few calories and full of different nutrients. Follow up on diet and sports activities: 

by tracking and calculating the number of calories in diets and exercises. 

Getting out of the house: 

It is preferable to go outside, as the cold air is a factor that helps burn calories, so it is preferable to walk daily if the weather is suitable. 

Drink green tea: high-calorie winter drinks can be replaced with hot green tea, as it helps to lose weight. 

Foods that help lose weight in the winter, many people resort to eating easy fast food rich in fat and calories in the winter, where it is preferable to eat foods with few calories and help to lose weight in the winter as follows: 

C that gives energy and helps fight diseases. Chicken soup: Chicken is a lump of lean meat rich in protein. 

Oatmeal: It is an ideal breakfast during the winter season because it contains a high amount of fiber. pear cabbage; Chili pepper. 

gourd; pomegranate. Healthy habits to lose weight in winter Winter is the best season to lose weight, where you must change your lifestyle and introduce healthy habits that help burn calories by changing your diet and exercise. 

Among the healthy habits that can be followed to lose weight in the winter season are as follows:

  •  [4] Drink a cup of water before each meal. 
  • Eat five small meals during the day. 
  • Do twenty minutes of cardio exercises five days a week. 
  • Make sure to eat breakfast.
  •  Reduce salt intake. 
  • Do yoga.

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