Know the truth about the sexual benefits of bee honey

 Does it treat infertility?.. Know the truth about the sexual benefits of bee honey

Know the truth about the sexual benefits of bee honey

Bee honey is considered one of the foods that have a long history in treating diseases because it contains nutrients equivalent to the effectiveness of some medications, but can it be relied upon to enhance fertility in couples who are having difficulty having children?

A study confirmed that taking honey on an empty stomach has Positive effects on men’s sexual health, as researchers found that bee honey significantly increased sperm count when tested on male mice, according to “Livestrong.” 

In another study published in 2010, bee pollen - the raw component of honey, showed Great effectiveness in improving semen quality and enhancing fertility. 

And research published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, supported the results of the two studies, as it indicated that the vaginal application of bee honey, played an effective role in improving fertility in women who face problems in pregnancy because it contains: 

Minerals and amino acids provide proper nutrition for the female reproductive organs, as it helps stimulate the activity of the ovaries. 

The “Healthline” website called honey a “fertility enhancer”, based on the results of a study published in 2019, which proved that Eating honey for two weeks increases the chances of pregnancy among men who suffer from slow sperm movement. 

Read also: including clover honey. Here are the types of honey and their health benefits. Given the nutrients that bee honey has and its effectiveness in improving fertility, we find that: Vitamin C and vitamin E: 

help to increase the number of sperm and improve their motility. Folic acid: plays a major role in enhancing fertility in women, and helps protect fetuses during pregnancy from malformations. Potassium:

 improves the flow of oxygen-laden blood to all parts of the body, especially in The male reproductive system, the testicles become more able to secrete more sperm and the chances of developing erectile dysfunction decrease. 

On the contrary, some doctors said that honey bees alone will not be able to enhance fertility in men and women, because the problem of delayed childbearing calls for a rich diet With vitamins and minerals responsible for improving sexual performance and overcoming problems that prevent pregnancy, which cannot be obtained only from honey.

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