My experience with honey for acne

 My experience with honey for acne

Honey masks are the right choice for getting rid of acne. Here is more than a honey-based mask that helps cleanse pores and dead skin cells The antioxidants in honey help make the skin look younger. 

But in this article, I will show my experience with honey in treating acne problems.

My experience with honey for acne

Warning: Those who are allergic to the topical application of honey should not use this method.

Apple and honey mask

Very simple and useful mask

Ingredients: a medium-sized apple

 Four to five tablespoons of honey

lukewarm water

How to prepare :

Crush the apple pulp and add three to four tablespoons of honey and the amount of honey should be enough to mix well with the pulp.

Mix them well until paste forms and the mask is ready for application.

 Apply a layer of apple honey mask all over your face, wait ten to fifteen minutes and let the mask dry a little.

After that, wash off the mask with lukewarm water and wait for the results!

 After preparation, you should not keep the mask ingredients and keep the rest in the refrigerator for later application.


Lemon, yogurt, and honey mask

This is another very good acne treatment

the ingredients :

Two tablespoons of fresh milk

And two tablespoons of honey

Fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon of fresh yogurt

lukewarm water

How to prepare :

 Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl, and apply one layer of this mixture all over your face.

 Wait a few minutes for the mask to dry, then apply a second coat.

Wait for about ten minutes and then rinse your entire face with lukewarm water.

 Use this mixture three to four times a week

 The citric acid in lemon juice is an excellent cleanser, as is milk.

 Yogurt is also a good skin cleanser and moisturizer.

Honey and cinnamon for acne my experience

  A honey mask is the best acne treatment

the ingredients :

Cinnamon powder


mask application

 The amount of cinnamon depends on the area affected by acne. If you want a mask for your entire face, it is enough to add three to four tablespoons of cinnamon powder and honey. The preparation is very simple, mix the two ingredients and make a mixed paste.

  Apply to acne-affected areas or can be applied to the whole face, just do this before going to bed and leave the mask on overnight.

Rinse your face with warm water the next morning and it is recommended to try this for two weeks and then measure the results.

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