My experience with honey: This is what happened to my skin when I washed my face with it

 My experience with honey: This is what happened to my skin when I washed my face with it

My experience with honey: This is what happened to my skin when I washed my face with it

If I asked what you would like to change in your face, I would have said: I just want fresher skin! 

Who among us does not aspire to this goal? 

In fact, my skin is relatively tired and pimples appear from time to time. 

I indeed use skincare creams, as they are part of my beauty routine and I do not dispense with them, but since my skin is oily, the desired result takes some time to appear.

 So, I wanted to add to my skincare routine an ingredient my mum used to do, and the one she recommended to me is honey! 

Continue reading the following lines, to discover my experience with this natural ingredient, which made my skin more glowing.

My experience with honey for fresh skin and fewer pimples

In detail, I always saw my mother washing her face with honey, and every week I liked her skin more and more. So, I decided to do the same thing, and this is what happened. 

I replaced the face wash with honey, so I applied it to my face as a mask and then washed it with water, for a week, in the morning and in the evening.

After a week, my mother, my sister, and my friends at work noticed that my skin had become more radiant. 

The pimples that were embarrassing me have subsided relatively but have not gone away, and my skin is clearer than it was. 

The vitamins and minerals that honey contains have been credited with naturally whitening and lightening my skin.

My experience with honey, especially washing my face with it, was wonderful. One week was enough to show the effectiveness of this ingredient. 

Of course, this does not mean that skincare products did not play a major role in obtaining radiant skin, but the application of honey was an additional step that contributed to speeding up the process and doubling the result. 

You may think now that I am exaggerating, but in fact, once you know the benefits of this natural ingredient, you will rush to try honey just as I did.

Benefits of Honey for the skin

Honey cleanses the skin from the depths

Honey contains substances that fight infections and dirt that rid the skin of bacteria and germs, so it cleans the skin from depth.

Honey treats oily skin

Honey absorbs excess oils from the skin, which makes it especially suitable for oily skin. This made my experience with applying honey on my oily skin effective, as I noticed that honey treated this type of skin.

Honey moisturizes the skin

Honey helps moisturize the skin from the depth and resist its dryness. It also contains vitamins that nourish the skin from the depth of healthy skin.

Honey whitens the skin

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Honey contains gluconic acid and alpha hydroxide acid, which help remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation for bright and supple skin.

Honey relieves pimples

Honey is rich in anti-inflammatory substances, which makes it one of the effective ingredients in fighting pimples and reducing skin irritation and redness.

Honey removes dark circles under the eyes

Indeed, my experience with honey was not aimed at removing dark circles under the eyes (because I do not suffer from them), but if you are facing this problem, I advise you to apply it. 

Why? Because honey contains vitamins and acids that whiten the skin of the eyes and fight to blacken.

Honey fights wrinkles

Honey contains antioxidants, which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and this is what happened to my mother when she used honey on her face.

After I told you about my experience with honey and washing my face with it, and after I revealed to you the benefits of this ingredient on the skin, are you still thinking? I advise you to use it either by washing your face with it or even by applying natural mixtures that target the problem you suffer from. it's your choice!

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