Onion juice.. its taste is unbearable, but its health benefits are many

 Onion juice.. its taste is unbearable, but its health benefits are many

100 ml of onion juice daily for 8 weeks can significantly reduce the fat accumulated in the waistline

Onion juice.. its taste is unbearable, but its health benefits are many

Onions are very important in the diet, in addition to their role in enhancing the taste of various meals, because of their great health benefits.

According to the Boldsky website, onions are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and bacteria, in addition to being rich in vitamins A, B and C, folic acid, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sulfur, chromium and iron.

The results of studies in recent years have shown that many onion products have positive effects on patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. 

Therefore, it is recommended to take onion juice because of its multiple health benefits.

1. Weight reduction

Onion juice is rich in quercetin, a plant flavonoid that can help "maintain a lipid profile" in bodies with high cholesterol levels. 

Consuming 100 ml of onion juice daily for eight weeks can significantly reduce the fat that accumulates at the waist, as well as reduce high levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

2. Fight heart disease

Obesity is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and high blood pressure. 

Onion juice helps reduce inflammation caused by obesity that may lead to heart disease, as it acts as an excellent anticoagulant and helps prevent atherosclerosis and prevent heart disease. 

Onion juice also helps lower levels of homocysteine, an alpha amino acid, and thus can prevent the early development of heart problems.

3. Fighting eye diseases

Onion juice has great effects in treating common infections, blepharitis and conjunctivitis. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds present in onion juice help prevent eye diseases.

4. Hair loss treatment

A scientific study showed the effectiveness of onion juice when used as a topical cream to treat alopecia areata, which causes hair loss on the head. 

Onion juice, when applied twice daily for two months, helps to start hair growth again.

5. Medicine for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis results from a loss of bone mineral density. This disease is more common in women, especially after menopause. 

A study showed that the antioxidant effects of onion juice could help improve bone density in postmenopausal women, when they consumed 100ml of onions daily for eight weeks. This juice can also help treat many other bone-related disorders.

6. Fights diabetes

Consuming onion juice can help reduce blood sugar by 50% in patients with type 2 diabetes. Onion juice also contributes to the regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas, which, when damaged, cause type 1 diabetes due to insufficient production of insulin.

7. Allergy drugs

The study showed the inhibitory effect of onion juice on allergens in the human body. Onion juice can help reduce inflammatory cytokines that cause skin allergies and other conditions such as bronchial asthma. 

This comes thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect of onion juice.

8. Fights cold and cough

Home remedies for cold and cough are very effective. A mixture of onion juice and honey can be an effective way to recover from respiratory ailments and colds.

Some studies also say that the juice extracted from onions can help thin mucus, soothe bronchitis, and get rid of phlegm.

9. Maintaining dental health

A scientific study reported that the antibacterial effect of onion juice eliminates the causes of tooth decay and gingivitis.

10. Prevention of cancerous tumors

The results of a scientific study indicated that onion juice can help prevent the spread of colorectal cancer, in addition to being useful in preventing other types of cancer such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

11. Other health benefits

stop nosebleed

• Treatment of severe headaches

• Treating tuberculosis

• Instant acne treatment

• Reduce arthritis pain

• Heal minor burns.

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