The Celtics can do this. They have acquired our trust.

The Celtics can do this. They have acquired our trust.

The Celtics can do this. They have acquired our trust.


In the greatest round of their season, the Celtics had heart, balance, resolve, short recollections, and positively no anxiety toward the occasion.

Furthermore, presently they have a Game 7.

Jayson Tatum and Giannis Antetokounmpo participated in a duel suggestive of 2008 LeBron James/Paul Pierce and 1988 Dominique Wilkins/Larry Bird, and it was the Celtics' climbing whiz who was left remaining after their 108-95 triumph Friday night in Game 6 of this generally amazing Eastern Conference elimination round series.

Tatum scored 46 focuses, remembering 16 for 5-of-7 shooting in the final quarter when he held the reigning champ Bucks under control with a variety of washed 3-pointers and plastic-man drives to the circle. 

Antetokounmpo got done with 44 focuses, 20 bounce back, 6 bits of help, and the information that he must in some way gather even somewhat more splendor in Game 7 Sunday evening at TD Garden.

Regardless of how Game 7 works out, don't even think about recommending again that this Celtics group needs durability, mental or physical. 

The level of trouble of this one was colossal: Game 6 against the reigning champs on Milwaukee's home hardwood only two hurting days after the Celtics blew a 14-point final quarter lead in a Game 5 misfortune. 

That misfortune was soul-smashing, and not much of groups would have recuperated from that.

So how did the Celtics respond? Goodness, not a lot. 

They just went out and played like their best selves. 

has that hotshot capacity to play inside himself despite everything stacking up the focuses, and this was a patient and ready presentation. 

However, down the stretch, he went into full I have this mode, 

and it's great that he did because the Bucks had the Celtics wobbling.

Close to the halfway sign of the final quarter, the Bucks had cut the Celtics' lead to 85-81 on an Antetokounmpo 3-pointer, and Fiserv Forum was throbbing with the fans' expectation of swiping one more game from the Celtics' grip.

In any case, Tatum wouldn't permit it. He covered a corner jumper toward the finish of the shot clock (87-81), then, at that point, after a stupendous opposite layup from Pat Connaughton (when did he transform into Dr. J?), covered a 3-pointer in George Hill's face — again late in the shot clock — for a 90-83 lead. It was an expert class in shot-making, and it allowed the Celtics an opportunity to breathe out.

It should be noticed that Tatum had the sort of help from his partners that Antetokounmpo didn't. Marcus Smart scored 21 focuses — 14 in the tone-setting first quarter, when he covered 4 of 5 threes — and doled out 7 helps without committing a turnover. 

It was a fantastic reaction after his grievous last two minutes in Game 5. 

Particularly for a player who said he hadn't dozed for the beyond two evenings while pondering what he had done and what he expected to do. 

Friday, he got recovery, and ideally a decent night's rest.

Jaylen Brown contributed 22 focuses, following through specifically from the get-go in the second from last quarter when the Celtics based on their 10-point halftime lead. It was Brown's 3-pointer off a pass from Smart that gave the Celtics their greatest lead, 68-50, at the 7:20 sign of the third. 

Earthy-colored actually causes problems when he goes into my-turn mode and overdribbles, yet the Celtics are lucky to have a second scorer of his ability and unwavering quality.

A special greeting should go out to Derrick White, who scored 9 focuses, played hounded guard, and appeared to leave away with about six grasps bounce back, takes, and free balls in the last part. With Grant Williams out of nowhere looking lost on offense, White has gotten a move on with his keen play.

The Celtics' Game 6 presentation in its entirety is what you wanted to see, yet couldn't exactly set out to expect with the way Game 5 went down. Furthermore, presently, here come the two biggest expressions of expectation in sports — Game 7 — between these savage, fairly comparable groups. 

 series isn't exactly at the animal power versus gruff item level of, say, the 1981 Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and 76ers, which is the most fierce series I've at any point seen. Be that as it may, it could show up there when Game 7 is finished.

What's that? What would it be advisable for us to anticipate from Game 7? Do you mean other than outrageous and interminable anxiety? During ESPN's transmission Friday, Mike Breen recommended that his series is perfect to the point that it's really awful it can't go 11 games. Eleven games? Of these 48-minute pressure tests? Not this time, Mike. Seven is bounty. Seven is awesome.

I'll recognize some worry about the midday start time. 

The Celtics have a propensity for lazy beginnings during daytime hints. 

In any case, they'll be on their home court, before their energetic fans, and they are the more complete group by a thin but significant room for error. 

Indeed, Giannis will be a modest bunch, diving down from the rafters, however, they're utilized to that.

The Bucks are commendable bosses. They will not go discreetly. However, they will go. The Celtics can do this. 

They have acquired our trust. Also, assuming they play in Game 7 as they did in Game 6, they will acquire far beyond that.

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