The most important unexpected benefits of onions and honey

 The most important unexpected benefits of onions and honey

The most important unexpected benefits of onions and honey

Benefits of onions and honey

The benefits of onions and honey are numerous, especially in light of the widespread spread of viruses and epidemics that have become surrounding us from everywhere, so we must always be careful to eat foods that enhance immunity and fortify it.

The most important information about onions and honey

There is a large number of information that deals with the benefits of onions and honey, as the site “Akleh in Two Minutes” mentions a lot of information as follows:

You can make a juice consisting of honey and onions in cases of colds and severe coughs, as it is rich in the elements and nutritional supplements that the body needs.

Eating onions and honey helps to strengthen your immune system against infections and also works to prevent germs that attack the respiratory system.

benifits of Honey

Honey has multiple benefits, especially when a person is sick. Among the most important benefits of honey are the following:

Honey is among the natural ingredients that contain very high levels of nutrients.

There is a very important benefit of honey, which is that it affects microbes and works to fight multiple types of infections.

Some studies have shown that the components of natural bee honey work to reduce irritation of the respiratory tract and also help to calm severe coughing.

Within the recognition of the benefits of honey, it has an effect on phlegm removal and chest comfort.

Bee honey works to regulate acidity and lubricate the mouth and throat.

Honey contains cytokines and a group of antioxidants that fight free radicals.

Please note and note that bee honey is prohibited for children under a year and people who have health problems such as digestive problems.

Onion benefits

Onions include a group of distinctive benefits besides the benefits of onions and honey together that can be summarized as follows:

Onions have been of great importance since ancient times, as they were used as a natural remedy for respiratory diseases.

Onions contain a group of contents, including sulfur compounds that work to strengthen immunity, defend the body and fight infection.

Despite the many benefits of onions, when you have a severe cough, please do not eat it so that it does not irritate the respiratory system.

Onions contain a large variety of antioxidants that stimulate the body to get rid of any existing toxins.

How to make honey with onions for cough and cold

You can easily prepare this mixture at home, as it is one of the most famous treatments used to treat infections and reduce coughing by the following:

the ingredients

Two medium-sized onions, and in this recipe, red onions are preferred.

A large cup of pure natural bee honey.

How to prepare

Prepare a clean, dry glass bowl of water.

Start by adding dab of onions and honey to get the benefits of onions and honey.

Put slices of red onion used in the recipe.

Cover the ingredients completely with pure white honey.

For best result, repeat the process until the entire bowl is covered to the last layer.

Cover the bowl with a lid and seal it tightly.

Leave the ingredients for 8 to 12 hours, provided that the place is completely dark.

You can prepare it early in the morning so that you can eat it at night.

Benefits of onion juice with honey

We also know that the benefits of onions and honey are many because they contain anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, in addition to the famous properties of honey. Among the benefits are:

Bee honey contains ingredients that soothe a cough, especially a dry cough.

This syrup relieves sore throats if there is irritation in it.

Among the distinctive benefits of onions and honey is that it stimulates the expulsion of phlegm.

Onion juice and honey relieve nasal congestion and speed up recovery.

Accelerates recovery in cases of common cold and influenza.

A mixture of natural ingredients, each with its own characteristics.

It benefits the body and provides it with a range of elements and high nutritional values.

It works to strengthen your immune system and counteract any infection.

Recommended quantity

Please see and know the appropriate dosage so that no side effects occur. Among the important instructions are the following:

It is worth noting that the daily dose of onion juice and honey varies from one person to another, according to age, gender, and some other factors.

It is recommended to use one teaspoon of this mixture for children older than one year, three times a day.

The mixture of honey and onions is taken for adults, one tablespoon three times a day until the symptoms begin to disappear.

Recommendations and warnings

There are a set of important recommendations that you should read before consuming the mixture, which are as follows:

If the child is less than a year old, in this case, he can give him bee honey.

If children less than a year old eat honey, this exposes them to severe damage, including food poisoning.

If you wish to give this mixture of honey and onions to children, consult your doctor first.

It is not recommended to eat bee honey and onions for children or adults unless after consulting a doctor first.

Please adhere to the specified daily dose for children and adults and do not increase or decrease the dose

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