10 Reasons Why Not Losing Weight

 10 Reasons Why Not Losing Weight

10 Reasons Why Not Losing Weight

Many tips and methods that help in losing excess weight are in this article and exclusively in the first Arab diet magazine in the world of health and beauty fitness. 

Learn about the most important tips for slimming and know the reasons for not losing weight

Maintaining a harmonious, elegant, and parallel body in its external form has become important in our time, and its balance in its external form is evidence of the internal balance of a body. Most of what we suffer from, women and men 

is the presence of the abdomen, which may affect the shape of the body and be accompanied by several damages and diseases, and is usually accompanied by an increase in weight in general or not.

Reasons for not losing weight

1- Not drinking water.

Because of the importance of hydrating the body, recent studies have shown that drinking water continuously can help lose weight 

as when drinking a full glass of water before any main meal helps control appetite, also eating foods that contain a lot of water (such as fruits and vegetables) helps fill the stomach faster and makes you eat less 

and a small study showed that drinking cold water can speed up your metabolism and dampen cravings for sugary drinks like soda and juice.

2- Do you think just walking is enough?

A 15-minute walk is better than nothing, but do not expect to see satisfactory results for losing weight. 

In fact, when you do at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, it helps in burning calories and fat significantly, such as walking and jogging.

3- Eating too much healthy food.

Nuts, avocado, wheat, olive oil, and dark chocolate are all healthy foods, but they are not calorie-free! Where better to look at the calories in such foods.

For example, avocado provides a ton of health benefits, but this entire fruit has more than 200 calories.

4- Do exercises that are only related to stimulating the heart.

If you depend on the treadmill and do not notice any difference in your weight! If you do not know some secrets of fitness. Where the benefit of lifting locks is not limited to strengthening the joints and reducing injuries, but it also helps in building muscle mass and increasing the metabolic rate, also helps in the metabolism process, and helps in the continuation of the calorie-burning process.

5- Exercising on an empty stomach.

You should reconsider if you exercise regularly without eating, as research has shown that burning calories come from muscle not fat. 

And know that muscle burns more calories than fat, and the more muscle mass you have, the better for weight loss, also when nutrition will help your body avoid losing muscle, and you will have more energy to help the body continue with exercise.

6- When your partner is not on the same healthy path that you are taking.

A partner is a great help for losing weight, but if your partner isn't on board! This relationship may cause obesity. 

And do not expect to lose weight if the partner continues to eat fast food, or encourages you to sleep instead of going to the gym! Since the first big step in finding compromises for both of you: 

understanding and finding the support you need to lose weight, and for starters if next time you have dinner out I suggest sharing the food between you two.

7- Abandoning a group of important eating groups.

Giving up entire food groups can lead to a deficiency in some vitamins, not to mention the main extreme importance of them, because when you leave out all the carbohydrates and focus on whole grains, it can usually lead to an increase in your waist circumference.

8- Not getting enough sleep.

Exercising may cause sleep disturbance, but it is important to get what conditioned you in the day! 

Especially if you are trying to lose weight because a person needs additional energy to continue practicing his sports routine, as sleep disturbance affects the body's ability to control the body's appetite.

9- Not eating enough vegetables.

It is important to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, as following a healthy diet that contains foods of plant origin provides a great variety of nutrients with fewer calories - and fiber usually keeps the body healthy.

10- Eating standing up.

It doesn't save time or energy standing at the fridge can lead to mindless eating. It is better to set aside time for snacks and meals that distract a person from eating a lot.

Tips to lose extra weight

stay away from long nights; It increases weight significantly, helps increase appe,tite and eats large quantities of food without feeling satisfied.

Food rich in oils should be avoided and replaced with boiled vegetables.

Be careful not to go to sleep immediately after eating a meal; It works to store fat in the body.

You should get enough sleep of up to 6 hours per day.

You must exercise daily and maintain it every day for at least half an hour.

You must do stomach exercises that rid you of the accumulated fat in it, lie on your back, raise your torso to the top with your hands fixed, or raise your legs up while fixing your torso on the ground.

The rope is one of the most useful sports in the process of burning fat and tightening the body.

A brisk walk or jogging also helps to get rid of fat. Eat a cup of cinnamon and ginger after meals, and eat oats, as it works to burn fat effectively.

Tips for getting a flat stomach

You should stay away from all kinds of foods that contain sugar in their composition, such as those found in juices, sweets, and chocolates, to reach thinness in a healthy and fast manner.

Anyone who wants to have a slim body He must drink large quantities of water; It facilitates the digestion of food and makes you feel full and full of the abdomen.

take care of breakfast; It keeps you active all day long and doesn't always make you feel like eating.

Maintaining meals at specific times and not underestimating them.

Stay away from sugars such as fruit juices, as they work to increase weight, and not as some think that they do not increase body fat.

You should completely avoid eating white bread and fast food; It is the main reason for the accumulation of body fat.

lose weight without exercise

Start shopping: a healthy diet doesn't start from your kitchen, but from your shopping list; If you buy canned food, potato chips, different sauces, ready-to-fry food, and juices full of sugar, it will be very difficult to leave them on the shelf in front of you and avoid them 

so your shopping list must contain different types of vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of starches and fats; Even if you go into your kitchen or open your fridge, you find everything healthy and useful.

Many neglect this advice even though it may be the most effective in their weight loss.

Cook by yourself: When you cook your own food you can control every ingredient, add more vegetables, use olive oil, grill, and steam instead of frying and boiling, and enjoy your food!

Plan your meals: Give yourself time to write down what your meals are for the day or week, and this includes three main meals and two secondary meals every day.

This step helps you to reject any excess in your diet, stick to only what your body needs, and encourage you to eat all your meals, which is important for weight loss.

Eating healthy and balanced food: It is necessary to diversify the food, and make sure that your body gets its need from different nutrients, as this reduces the craving for fatty food and sugars.

Eating natural sugar: There are many sources of natural sugar, such as different types of fruits and honey, use them as sweeteners for your food, and get rid of artificial sugar completely; It is one of the main causes of obesity.

Keep your body hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help your body burn fat.

Maintain healthy changes: It may take time for a difference to appear on your body, but it often takes no more than two weeks to a month to notice a tangible difference, just stick to healthy habits, and make it a permanent pattern in your life and not a temporary change, and your body will never return to obesity.

Foods that help burn fat

Calcium: Strengthening bones and teeth is the main function of calcium, but getting rid of fat and preventing its formation is another function that many people do not realize. If you want to have a slim body, turn to milk and its derivatives.

Apples, especially the apple peel: The peel of the apple contains chemical properties that help terribly to get rid of fat.

Beans: Beans are characterized by their ability to provide an environment and conditions that greatly help in the process of metabolism, as well as the bean is characterized by containing a small number of sugars and a high percentage of proteins.

Green tea: because it contains antioxidants, which contribute to the activity of the metabolism process. Oats: 

Oats maintain the level of sugar in the blood, and they are characterized by their ability to burn fat quickly and help to burn carbohydrates slowly.

Ginger: A powerful aid in fat-burning processes.

Eggs: Eggs are very rich in fatty acids and protein, and these two substances are powerful in the process of burning fat.

Hot pepper: contributes to the excitement of stress hormones in the human body, which in turn increases the burning of fats in the human body.

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