10 simple ways to lose weight

Losing weight doesn't just involve dieting and struggling in the gym, many say, but simple steps to shed extra pounds.

10 simple ways to lose weight

In fact, there are several simple instructions that must be followed daily to lose weight and get rid of the most important health problems, namely:

1- Drink a glass of water before every meal

A study conducted in Britain found that people who drink a glass of water before each meal lose 4 kg of weight over 3 months.

2- Have breakfast

It is very important to take care of breakfast and not neglect it, because it is an effective way to lose weight. 

Studies have shown that people who do not eat breakfast tend to feel hungry throughout the day, and protein should be included in meals because it makes us feel full and full for longer periods.

3- Do some simple sports movements during TV commercials

A typical ad usually lasts two minutes, meaning that people can burn 270 calories if they watch two hours of TV a day.

4- Walk an extra 5 minutes a day

Dr. Lott's study found that increasing activity levels in just 5 minutes can help people lose weight. The idea is to increase activity to reach 30 minutes per day.

5- Chew your food properly

People often eat more food because they eat quickly, and one study found that people who chew food 40 times, eat 12% less than those who chew food 15 times.

6- You should drink green tea

According to several studies, EGCG in tea reduces fat absorption and promotes weight loss. But be careful not to drink a lot of it, as it contains caffeine, which is a cause for concern in the late-night hours.

7- Don't worry about eating dairy products

According to a study published in Obesity Research, women who ate low-fat dairy 3 times a day lost about 70% of their fat compared to those who followed a dairy-free diet.

8- Move while talking on the mobile phone

The research conducted at the Mayo Clinic looked at people who eat 1,000 calories more during the day for 8 weeks, and the results show that those who move and move while doing daily activities or talking on the phone, do not store extra calories as body fat.

9- Sleep at least 7 hours a day

People who don't get a good night's sleep tend to eat more because sleep deprivation reduces the body's production of the hormone leptin, which makes you feel full.

10- Exercising with friends

People who exercise with a large group of people are 20% more likely to lose weight.

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