5 benefits of beeswax

Sure, you have heard a lot about the many benefits of honey, but have you ever thought about the benefits of beeswax, and its many uses that benefit your healthy life, help you improve your hair, and also your skin? 

If you want to know the ideal way to benefit from honey, read this article to learn about the 5 benefits of beeswax, and how to differentiate between natural and adulterated wax.

5 benefits of beeswax

What is natural beeswax?

Natural beeswax, which is white honey, consists of wax glands produced by bees whose age ranges between 12 to 18 days, and this product includes more than 300 compounds, if it is produced in liquid form, and then freezes after exposure to air, It turns yellow.

As for its multiple uses, it is used in the manufacture of soap and perfumes to give them a distinctive smell. 

It is also used in the manufacture of white and yellow wax, in addition to the possibility of placing it on food and foodstuffs to give them a distinctive luster. 

The different types of beeswax are as follows:

Honey is extracted from Nigella sativa, which has a slightly dark color.

Honey extracted from citrus trees such as lemon and orange is distinguished by its light color and is known as citrus honey.

The honey extracted from cotton flowers is also distinguished by its light color.

Eucalyptus honey is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree.

Sunflower honey with a distinctive golden color.

Transparent carob honey.

Clover honey is characterized by light yellow color.

Benefits of beeswax

As we mentioned earlier, the benefits of honey are many, and the benefits of the candle are more, as these benefits include the following:

1- beeswax for skin

There are many benefits of beeswax for the skin if it works to improve its health and appearance through the following:

Reducing stretch marks: It contains vitamin A extract that stimulates collagen in the skin, which helps to get rid of stretch marks and eliminate cracks, and for a better result, you can mix it with grape seed oil, coconut butter, and royal honey, and butter. Shea, Coconut Oil, and flawless skin.

Moisturizing the skin: honey contains moisturizing substances for the skin, which makes it an important component of many cosmetics, if it works to protect the skin from dehydration, and gives it the necessary moisturizer.

2- Improve heart health

Scientific research has confirmed the role of beeswax in maintaining heart health, as it does the following:

Prevention of thrombosis by dilating blood vessels.

Controlling the level of cholesterol in the blood, by reducing the level of harmful cholesterol that causes heart disease, and raising the level of good cholesterol.

3- Treating cough in children

Beeswax contains vitamin C, which works to treat coughing in children who are prone to breathing problems or suffer from chest allergies, but caution should be exercised as it is not used for children under one year of age.

4- Liver protection

It contains antioxidants that help relieve symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver and prevent liver disease in general.

5-Benefits of beeswax for hair

As for the benefits of beeswax for hair, they are many and varied, and we mention the following:

Protecting hair from the damage of care products such as shampoo and conditioner, and maintaining its shine.

Protect the hair from the heat of the blow-dry and iron, especially if it is applied to the hair before styling.

Moisturizing the hair, and protecting it from drying out, especially if it is mixed with coconut oil.

Stimulating hair growth, treating the scalp, and reducing recurrent hair loss.

What is the difference between original and adulterated honey?

Due to the high prices of beeswax in Egypt, many are exposed to commercial fraud, due to their desire to buy at a lower price, so the difference between the original and adulterated honey must be known, and this cheating is usually done by reducing the quality of the honey or adding a substance that increases the weight or volume, Or insert some components on it.

Among the ingredients that are placed on honey to cheat it are water, sugar syrup, corn syrup, sucrose syrup, and other things that cause an increase in volume, and thus sell honey at a more pricey, so here are the best ways to distinguish between the original honey The cheated:

Take a match, dip it in a small piece of beeswax, and try to rub it into a matchbox. If the match does not ignite, then this honey is adulterated, but if the match is lit, this stick has not worn out, which indicates that the honey is original, and not adulterated.

Put honey in the freezer for a few hours, then take it out, and note whether it freezes or not, the freezing of honey is evidence that it is adulterated, and an aqueous solution is added to it.

Put the beeswax in a cup of water, and note whether it is mixed with water or not.

To avoid deceiving traders, we advise you to buy honey from a trusted place, which is known for its reputation and the quality of its products. 

But if you had to buy from an unknown store, we advise you to apply the previous steps to detect commercial fraud.

It is worth noting that natural honey is made from sugar cane or flower nectar, and it can be confirmed that honey is natural through the following:

Take a tablespoon of honey, and add a drop of iodine tincture to it.

If this point is confined to its place, this honey is natural.

If the honey is purple in color, then this honey is artificial.

You can also put a little honey on any wound you have, if you do not feel pain, then this honey is natural, but if the opposite happens, it is adulterated.

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