5 factors that affect a woman's orgasm

 5 factors that affect a woman's orgasm

5 factors that affect a woman's orgasm

Many factors affect a woman's orgasm. Learn about a group of factors that affect a woman's orgasm in the following.

The stage of orgasm differs between men and women, and while the husband reaches it faster, you may face difficulty with that, so we introduce you to a group of factors that affect a woman’s access to orgasm as follows:

Factors affecting a woman's access to orgasm

Here are the highlights of the following:

1. Feeling of lack of confidence in body and soul

Many women have difficulty adapting and accepting their bodies. They either think that they are too fat or too thin, or feel insecure due to the color of their skin or some distinguishing marks such as moles or the effects of surgeries.

This leads them to feel inferiority and form negative feelings towards themselves. They become stressed and cannot relax enough to enjoy the relationship, so they do not reach orgasm. Therefore, we advise you to:

Know, my dear, that you have a beautiful body and that you are as beautiful as you are, and don't worry about traditional beauty standards and don't worry about supermodels and their unrealistic looks.

Enjoy yourself and your intimacy with your partner, and know that these are nothing but obsessions in your head.

Maintain a healthy weight to live a healthy life, and make healthy decisions that are appropriate for your life and for your future.

Relax and trust yourself more.

2. Considering sex a dirty practice

As a result of conservative social education, some women find themselves loaded with negative thoughts and destructive impressions about sexual relations, so they hate it and reject the idea of ​​practicing it even if it is within a legal and socially acceptable framework.

Women carry the remnants of this upbringing to their homes, and it affects their relationships with their partners, even if they are based on love, consent, and understanding. These are among the factors that affect women’s access to orgasm, so we advise you to:

Educate yourself and read about the topic, and educate yourself about it more.

Know that a legitimate sexual relationship with your partner is acceptable and beautiful, and it is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between you in the right context.

Talk to someone close to you about the topic.

Tell your husband about your feelings, and make this a part of healthy communication to help you overcome these feelings.

3. Time difference during the menstrual cycle

A woman’s feeling of excitement varies from time to time during the menstrual cycle, and it is at its peak at the time of ovulation, i.e. between the thirteenth and sixteenth day of it. Orgasm is a little more difficult.

To overcome this factor among the factors that affect women's orgasm, follow yourself and your feelings, and focus with your partner on foreplay more when your excitement is less, this makes it easier and increases your pleasure and comfort during the relationship.

4. Having some health and psychological problems

Here are the details below:

Infection with physical diseases, such as diabetes, or some nerve diseases that impede sensation and impair the work of sensory cells in various organs of the human body, including the reproductive system.

Having some hormonal problems, which are among the factors that affect a woman’s access to orgasm.

Having psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety disorder, may have a significant impact on a woman's arousal and sexual desire, and thus her access to orgasm.

So see your doctor for advice, he may have the solution, and treating these health or psychological problems may be the way to get rid of the difficulty of reaching orgasm.

5. Taking drugs and medications

Excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and some types of medications have a depressing effect on nerves and sensory cells in general, and this of course negatively affects their feelings of desire and excitement, and of course, their access to orgasm, so:

Ask your doctor about the types of medications he prescribes and their effect on you, and ask about alternatives with fewer side effects.

Stay away from alcohol and drug abuse, not only because they are among the factors that affect a woman's orgasm, but also for your life in general.

It remains to say that a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, good communication, affection, and kindness are the keys to good and successful relationships at the level of the sexual relationship and at all levels.

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