6 health problems that negatively affect your sex life with your partner

 6 health problems that negatively affect your sex life with your partner

6 health problems that negatively affect your sex life with your partner

Sometimes having some health problems negatively affects your sex life with your partner. Learn about health problems and diseases that affect sexual intercourse through the following:

Intimacy between couples is important and necessary, as it enhances and strengthens their relationship, but what are the health problems that affect their sexual life? Are there diseases that affect sexual intercourse?

Diseases that affect sexual intercourse

Having some chronic health problems is an obstacle between sexual life and the partner, but knowing these obstacles is the first step in treating and preventing them. 

Here is a group of diseases that affect sexual intercourse in the following:

1. Diabetes

High blood sugar level destroys blood vessels and nerves over time, which prevents blood flow to the reproductive organs in the body.

Men with diabetes usually have problems with erection and ejaculation, while women with the same disease lose the desire for sex and suffer from vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse, in addition to some problems in reaching orgasm.

Solution: Controlling blood sugar levels, and getting regular physical activity in addition to eating a healthy diet will help you maintain a healthy sex life away from any problems.

2. Heart disease

Heart disease damages the blood vessels just as well as diabetes, which leads to problems in sexual life.

Also, some types of medications, such as those that treat high blood pressure, can damage blood vessels.

The solution: To prevent this type of disease that affects sexual intercourse, it is important to make lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.

3. Depression

There are many symptoms associated with depression, including loss of sexual desire, so it is among the diseases that affect sexual intercourse.

Solution: Tell your doctor if you feel like this, he may help with the issue, either by making lifestyle changes or prescribing some antidepressants.

You should also beware of taking antidepressants for a long time, as they can affect sexual desire, causing problems for men.

4. Arthritis

Having some problems in the joints affect sexual life, as you feel discomfort and pain at times when having sexual intercourse, so you can avoid it later.

The solution: Schedule sex so that the pain subsides. Take your medication about 30 minutes beforehand. You can even use pillows to support your joints.

5. Low testosterone level

Several men suffer from low testosterone levels, which negatively affects their sex life.

Sometimes the cause is the result of a problem with certain areas of the brain that are responsible for telling the testicles to release testosterone.

It is worth noting that type 2 diabetes and liver and kidney problems cause the same problem.

Solution: As ordered by your doctor, you may have a blood test to check your testosterone levels, and sometimes testosterone replacement therapy.

6. Menopause

What is meant here is the period when menstruation stops as a result of low estrogen levels in a woman's body.

A low level of this hormone also causes vaginal dryness and thinning, which makes sexual intercourse very painful.

Solution: It is necessary to use lubricants to moisturize the vagina, and your doctor may also advise you to undergo hormone replacement therapy sometimes.

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