7 steps to lose weight

Some many ways and steps to help get rid of excess weight in this article and exclusively in the first Arab diet magazine in the world of fitness, health, and beauty. Learn about the most important steps to get rid of excess weight

7 steps to lose weight

The phenomenon of weight gain in the late last century has increased and noticeably increased,
as this increase began to pose a threat to the health of people, and governments began to see the impact of this phenomenon on government spending on health insurance, as weight gain is attributed to many chronic and fatal diseases, 

so the disease of pressure and diabetes did not spread And blood clots, except as a result of this phenomenon, whose danger has sounded in some countries that are increasing in the rate of well-being. 

The industrial revolution and the means of transportation constituted a key factor in the spread of the phenomenon of weight gain, as the change in lifestyle in the late last century played a major role in the emergence of the phenomenon of obesity. The obesity we see today.

Causes of obesity:

- Irregular hormonal secretions: it leads to an increase in weight, and this can be dealt with in light of medical development, and it is also linked to genetic factors, so it can be avoided and reduced by alienation in proportions.

The diet in terms of the daily food consumption rate and the rate of burning the output of these calories in terms of daily activity.

7 steps to lose weight

1- Not to skip breakfast: 

A decision must be made not to miss breakfast at the beginning of the new year, even if you are busy because skipping eating this important meal leads to binge eating for the rest of the day and also results in weight gain again. 

The importance of breakfast is also due to Its act as an aid in the process of burning calories (metabolism). 

Therefore, care must be taken to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast, which helps to fight hunger during the day and maintain a good burning rate as well as the level of sugar in the blood.

2- Dividing food into small portions:
We must be aware of the need to divide meals at intervals during the day, so 3 meals can be divided into 6 small meals, especially fast foods such as pasta and pizza. 

Dividing meals helps to get rid of the feeling of hunger and regulate digestion as well as increase the burning of calories.

3- Drink an ample amount of water: 

Drinking water in sufficient quantities is considered a catalyst in losing excess weight, as well as helping to maintain health in a general way. 

Nutrition experts advise you to start drinking two cups in the morning on an empty stomach, then double them before eating the main meals. 

It is worth noting that The amount sufficient for the body varies from person to person according to his weight, activity, and movement during the day.

4- Increasing movement and steps: 

It is necessary to increase the number of steps that you walk during the day, whether at home, work, or any other place you are in. 

You can use the stairs and walk from time to time at work and not stay long, these tips guarantee more burning of calories and getting rid of calories Fat accumulated in the body.

5- Get rid of junk food and unhealthy foods: 

Unhealthy snacks and fatty food full of fat can be replaced with healthy snacks such as vegetables and fruits or some useful nuts or cereals rich in fiber. 

Eliminating fast food ensures that you lose a lot of fat and excess weight easily.

6- Finding a friend while exercising:

Training alone may cause boredom and the inability to commit and continue to exercise, so you must work hard to find a friend to accompany you this year. 

Accompanying a friend guarantees you the motivation and inspiration to continue and persevere to reach the goal of losing weight. Excess and decent body shape.

7- Eating brown bread: 

white bread must be replaced with brown. Brown bread is made from whole grains of wheat 

and is rich in useful fibers and helps with fullness and a feeling of satiety for large periods. Therefore, eating brown bread guarantees you a clear difference in weight, because it is characterized by much fewer calories than bread. the White.

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