8-hour diet to lose weight per month

 8-hour diet to lose weight per month

Everyone who has excess weight is looking for the best and most effective way to get rid of it, and today we will learn about the 8-hour diet to lose weight per month.

8-hour diet to lose weight per month

The 8-hour diet is considered one of the very effective types of diet, which has spread widely in recent times thanks to its impressive results, as it does not depend on depriving the body of any nutrients to burn fat, but rather depends on eating within 8 hours, starting upon awakening from sleep, and after After 8 hours, you stop eating for 16 hours.

Benefits of the 8-hour diet

The 8-hour diet helps determine the types of foods that a person wants to eat during the 8 hours, as they are prepared and divided into small meals that are sufficient for the 8 hours.

The diet begins approximately at 11 and ends at 7 because eating during a specific period contributes to burning fat and revitalizes the body.

It helps to lose 2 kilos per week.

When you do simple exercises with him, his effectiveness increases.

How to apply the 8-hour diet

It is preferable to get up early when following the 8-hour diet, however, you can wake up at 12 noon.

Breakfast: a boiled egg or a piece of low-fat cheese, in addition to a quarter of a local loaf of bread. Drink a cup of tea without sugar with one piece of biscuit and one fruit or cucumber.

Lunch: It ranges between 3 and 4 pm, containing fish or grilled meat, in addition to three tablespoons of rice. Be sure to eat a large plate of salad.

Dinner: at 7 pm. It is only three fruits. This ends the 8-hour period.

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