8 mistakes in dieting...beware of them

 8 mistakes in dieting...beware of them

8 mistakes in dieting...beware of them
When you want a slim figure, you follow a certain diet, you should pay attention and avoid making the eight mistakes that many people make:

The first mistake: you should refrain from eating fruits because they are rich in sugar and nutritional calories.

Fruits are important for health because they contain most of the vitamins and minerals our body needs, so they should be included in our diet, but a lot of them cause an increase in sugars and calories, and weight increases even though they are natural sugars, so moderation is preferred, not abstinence.

The second mistake: To lose weight, you must abstain from drinking milk and its derivatives (cheese and yogurt).

Eating whole milk and its derivatives is not recommended for weight loss, and it can be replaced with light or fat-free milk to help in the diet, and there is no need to worry in terms of contents, 

as this type is rich in calcium and phosphorous necessary for building bones, and doctors advise dieters to eat milk and its derivatives because it stimulates the body To burn stored fat.


Mistake : Nuts cannot be eaten while dieting

Although nuts contain high calories, eating a moderate amount of walnuts, almonds, and pistachios at the same time contains benefits for the body, especially for the heart because their fat is unsaturated and because they are rich in vitamin E and selenium, 

which help reduce cholesterol and act as antioxidants and reduce the risk of cancer.

Mistake: You should not eat starches like bread

Although following this type of diet causes a rapid drop in weight when it stops, its practitioners return to what they were before, and even more, weight, so moderation is best.

Fifth Mistake: Chocolate is harmful to health and should be completely avoided

Although chocolate contains high calories and does not contain important minerals and vitamins, eating a moderate amount is considered beneficial for health and the body. 

Fat, and one of the benefits of bitter dark chocolate is that it helps improve mood and gives a feeling of happiness.

Mistake 6: Oil is better than fat

The oil is beneficial for health and contains unsaturated fats and helps lower bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol, but at the same time it contains high calories and it is always better in moderation.

Mistake 6: Coffee is thin

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and accelerates the heart. The fact of the matter is that coffee is not thin, but rather cuts the appetite for a short period that does not last long. 

After the effect ends, we feel more hungry, and it may also cause stomach aches.

The eighth mistake: The best diet is complete abstinence from food and reliance on salad and soup

A balanced diet should contain all foods, and this diet is considered one of the harsh types that cause damage to the body and health, so do everything you want in moderation, but exercise regularly.

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