8 steps to improve erection

 8 steps to improve erection

Some simple details in your life that will significantly affect your sexual activity, here are the most important steps for strengthening an erection in the following.

8 steps to improve erection

It is clear that the strength of a man's erection decreases with age, as it is due to many factors and medical and living conditions, but did you know these routine steps help in strengthening your erection for the longest time possible?

Important steps to improve erection

Here are the highlights of the following:

1. Get enough sleep

A man's penis becomes erect during the night at least once every three to five hours since he's gone to bed. 

This nocturnal erection is not in vain as it works to recharge your penis with the nutrition and oxygen needed for healthy cells.

Night erections result from a good flow of oxidized blood to the penis, thus helping to maintain the flexibility of the penis and strengthening the erection for the long term. 

Hence, you should not underestimate the importance of resting during the night and not staying up too much.

2. Exercising

The blood circulation in your body is an important element in its effect on strengthening your erection, as the better and smoother the blood flow in your body, the more powerful it will flow into the penis, making it more erect.

Practicing sports, especially aerobic sports, is the best and most effective booster for the speed of blood circulation in the body, and it stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which is effective in maintaining an erection, so we advise you to stick to it permanently.

However, we advise you to reduce the sport of cycling, which may work unlike other aerobic sports and negatively affect the strength of your erection.

3. Avoid suppressing yawning

Do not be surprised, because yawning and erections are in fact the same thing for brain signals, as both processes are controlled by a chemical called nitric oxide, which is released by the brain.

When it is released to the nerve cells, it controls the opening of the mouth and breathing, but if it is released to the spinal cord, the blood vessels then supply the penis.

In fact, sometimes it happens that the brain releases the substance on both sides, which explains why you feel a little twitch in your penis when you yawn sometimes.

4. Avoid multiple partners

It seems that how you feel can seriously affect the quality of your erection, as if you feel guilt or betrayal towards your partner, you will have a diminished sexual experience and your erections will be weaker.

Try to separate your feelings for your partner and the worries of life and live moments of sincere love, so that intercourse is an emotional experience first and foremost.

5. Quit smoking

You must have already read a warning on the cigarette package stating the danger and impact of smoking on impotence. Indeed, the matter did not come out of nowhere.

In fact, it seems that smoking seriously affects the penis, as chemicals and tobacco residues accelerate the blockage of blood vessels, and thus affect the extent of blood flow in the body. 

In addition, smoking affects the tissue of the penis itself, making it less flexible and thus weakening its erection.

The solution is to quit smoking to strengthen the erection, and do not hesitate to seek help from your doctor and turn to support groups.

6. Have coffee

Despite all the risks we hear about coffee, it always surprises us with its benefits as well, studies have found that consuming coffee reasonably daily makes you less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

7. Lead a more active life

Replace the car and public transportation with some walking, and the elevator with the regular stair climbing. 

An active life improves and helps to strengthen your erection. Researchers have found that men who walk daily have fewer erectile problems.

The lining of the blood vessels in the penis releases biochemicals to the body as part of its functioning, and of course the better blood flow to it, the better it can function and the more elastic it becomes.

8. Prevention of diabetes

Maintain a healthy lifestyle that prevents you from getting diabetes, and if you have diabetes, be alert to the levels of glucose in your blood and treat it with the help of your doctor, as diabetes is one of the most important reasons affecting the strength of a man’s erection and the extent of his sexual effectiveness, as more than 50% of those infected They suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes works in two ways that inhibit the activity of your penis, the first by the accumulation of sugar in the blood and thus slowing the blood circulation and reducing the blood flow to the penis, and the second when it leads to a slowdown in the delivery of stimuli to the nerves throughout the body, which makes its response to sexual stimuli limited.

Remember, studies show that people with diabetes who aren't careful to monitor their sugar levels have more erectile dysfunction than patients who are careful about their health.

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