A cold water diet to lose weight

 A cold water diet to lose weight

The cold water diet is one of the diets that you can rely on in losing weight, slimming, and sculpting your body in a few days, especially with the increased need to eat large amounts of cold water in the summer due to the high temperatures and increased humidity in many Arab countries.

A cold water diet to lose weight

Cold water benefits

The benefits of water for your body are countless, but the cold water diet contains many benefits and nutrients that help you get rid of fat and excess weight, and contribute to your commitment to a healthy diet and eating healthy food rich in elements and minerals, and staying away from foods and fast foods full of fat. 

Sugars are harmful to your body.

Cold water contributes to ridding your body of toxins and excess salts and limits the formation of stones in the kidneys, which causes a problem later. 

It is possible to rely on water in the process of regulating the digestive system, by activating the work of the intestine to prevent you from getting constipated, drinking water in quantities contributes to The process of losing weight by stimulating the process of burning fat spread in separate areas of the body, drinking water prevents dehydration of the body.

Cold water diet benefits

The cold water diet depends on eating large amounts of cold water or taking a cold water shower, where eating or showering helps your body burn calories to restore its warmth, energy, vitality, and activity, which makes you, over time, follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle in losing weight.

Studies have proven that those who drink 16 cups of cold water daily enjoy burning at least 18 to 20 extra calories for the body, and this is done without following any kind of harsh diet that equals burning this percentage daily, so you can by drinking water to lose Approximately 3 kilograms per year, with the application of a healthy diet and exercise makes you lose many kilograms in the fastest time.

Cold shower diet

Bathing with cold water is one of the best diets for losing weight, as many women overlook the effect of cold water by using it to shower daily in the evening, as it contributes to burning 200 calories each time you shower through the use of cold water, 

it leads to the Obstruction of appetite and reduces the feeling of hunger and the desire to eat during the late-night hours, and this is one of the most important factors that stimulate the process of losing weight.

How to apply the cold water diet

Here is a diet that can be applied with a cold water diet to eat large amounts of water,

wake up

When you wake up and 30 minutes before breakfast, you can drink 3 to 4 glasses of water.


A medium-sized piece of brown toast or you can eat whole-grain toast, add a boiled egg, a small piece of low-fat cheese, a small vegetable dish, or a cup of coffee

or tea without sugar.

And between breakfast and lunch, you should drink 4 glasses of water

the lunch

30 minutes before lunch, one or two cups, then you can eat 4 tablespoons of steamed rice, in addition to a medium-sized piece of grilled or boiled chicken without fat, a salad plate with lemon juice and olive oil sauce, or a cup of vegetable soup without creamy.

Between lunch and dinner, drink 4 glasses of water.


30 minutes before dinner, two cups, then eat a cup of natural unsweetened yogurt, a cup of green tea without sugar, and a small plate of fruits and vegetables. long.

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