A simple and effective way to lose weight

 A simple and effective way to lose weight

At a time when some people follow several methods, sometimes described as harsh, to get rid of excess weight, a study has found a simple and effective way to overcome the problem of excess weight and obtain a slim figure. So what is this method?

A simple and effective way to lose weight

As a result, it is expected that it will help many people around the world to get rid of a problem that worsens over time. 

A study found that abstaining from eating for at least 12 hours is an effective way to get rid of the problem of excess weight, according to what the website “nau” stated. .ch".

This method is famous for the 12-hour diet, where a person fasts for one half of the day and eats only the other half. 

The study issued by the Salk Institute for Health Studies in the United States of America indicated that the 12-hour diet helps burn a lot of fat and calories and thus reduces excess weight.

The results were based on a study of about 400 mice, which were given different diets and at different time intervals. 

Some mice were subjected to a diet high in fat or high in sugar. Another group of mice was given a balanced diet, while the third group of mice was allowed to eat for a specific period, according to the website t-online.

The experts noted that the mice, which were allowed to eat for 12 hours a day, weighed less than the mice, which ate the same amount of food but without time restrictions (all day). She has fat after her food was limited to a period not exceeding 12 hours.

In the same context, experts emphasized that the results of the study are limited only to mice and cannot be directly applied to humans, as additional studies must be carried out to ensure that the 12-hour diet is ideal. 

It is noteworthy that several factors lead to weight gain, such as taking medications (antidepressants...), genetic factors, age factors, and daily stress, in addition to lack of sleep, according to the "Insider" website.

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