Apple diet

Obesity and overweight are common problems in all countries of the world, and it is one of the problems that cause chronic diseases in the long run, so those who suffer from this problem resort to searching for effective ways to eliminate the percentage of fat in the body and get a fit body, and some many ways and means help in Dissolving body fat in addition to following a healthy diet and exercising. 

In this article, we will learn about the apple diet, how to apply it, the benefits of apples, and the pros and cons of the apple diet.

Apple diet


Apple fruit is spread in all countries of the world without exception, and it is a type of fruit that is very beneficial to the body. Apples contain many nutritional values, as 100 grams of apples contain 52 calories, 13.8 carbohydrates, 0.26 grams of protein, 27 micrograms of beta-carotene, 4.6 milligrams of vitamin C, and 6 milligrams of calcium, 5 milligrams of magnesium, 11 milligrams of phosphorous, and 107 milligrams of potassium. 

The most beneficial of it to the body.

apple benefits

It improves the health of the nerves and the nervous system, enhances the efficiency of brain work, and reduces the number of nerve cells that are damaged due to oxidative stress, which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also indicated that apples protect people from dementia with age when consumed daily to protect nerves and nerve cells.

Prevents the risk of stroke, as apples protect the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood circulation in the body.

Reduces high cholesterol levels in the blood.

It protects against type 2 diabetes and maintains blood sugar levels.

Apples are a fruit rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, the most important of which are procyanidin, epicatechin, and quercetin. 

It also contains tartaric acid, which gives apples a sour taste. All of the above enhances the body’s immunity and also promotes healthy and healthy growth of the body and fights free radicals in the body.

It contains a small percentage of calories and is free from saturated fats and cholesterol, and thus helps to lose weight significantly when consumed daily in addition to the healthy diet that is followed to get rid of excess weight.

It prevents the absorption of harmful cholesterol in the gut because it is a rich source of dietary fiber concentrated in the peel, the most important of which is pectin. 

The fiber in apples also protects the mucous membrane of the colon and protects it from carcinogens and toxic substances.

Activates bowel movement and relieves constipation.

It helps to resist and treat infections in the body, as it is rich in powerful natural antioxidants and a large group of vitamins such as vitamin C, and B vitamins such as thiamine and pyridoxine, and these vitamins are necessary to improve the metabolism and vital functions in the body.

It strengthens the bones, protects the intestines, and improves digestion.

Protects against cancer, especially breast cancer.

It reduces obesity and helps rid the body of excess weight.

It protects the heart from various diseases and enhances its health.

Apple diet and how to apply it

Apples are a type of fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers and are low in calories and thus help to lose weight in the body and help burn fat at a rate of 4 kilograms in 5 days, and the way to apply the apple diet is as follows:

The first day of the apple diet:

Divide approximately 1 kilogram of green apples among the three main meals, and eat each section with each meal.

The second day of the apple diet:

A green apple is eaten for breakfast, along with a plate of green salad, to which two small pieces of low-fat cheese and lemon are eaten. Two green apples are eaten for lunch, and then a green apple is eaten for dinner.

The third day of the apple diet:

A green apple, a slice of lean meat, and a slice of bran bread are eaten for breakfast, a green salad, a green apple, and two carrots are eaten for lunch, and two green apples are eaten for dinner.

The fourth day of the apple diet:

Eat a medium fruit of green apple with a boiled egg and a slice of wheat bread (whole grain) for breakfast, and eat 200 grams of salmon or tuna, a plate of green salad and fruit of green apple for lunch, then eat two fruits of green apple and drink a cup of milk and a plate of whole grains for dinner.

The fifth day of the apple diet:

A medium fruit of green apple, a slice of wheat bread, and a boiled egg are eaten for breakfast, 200 grams of grilled beef or grilled or boiled skinless chicken with a green apple and a plate of green salad for lunch, and two apples are eaten Green for dinner.

The pros and cons of the apple diet

The advantages of the apple diet

One of the advantages of the apple diet is that it helps rid the body of accumulated fat in all areas of the body through its contribution to the process of burning fat and removing it from the body in a natural way.

Disadvantages of the apple diet

This diet is considered harsh due to its lack of calcium, as it is low in calories and thus impairs metabolism, as this diet contains 3 main meals without repeating them. 

It is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women and those with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

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