Benefits of Natural Honey: Discover the 16 Most Important Benefits of Bee Honey (Scientifically Proven)A

 Benefits of Natural Honey: Discover the 16 Most Important Benefits of Bee Honey (Scientifically Proven)A

The therapeutic and aesthetic benefits of natural honey have been known for centuries. Its unique properties have made it a permanent guest in many therapeutic recipes and cosmetic mixtures for skin and hair throughout the ages.

Benefits of Natural Honey: Discover the 16 Most Important Benefits of Bee Honey (Scientifically Proven)A

This combination of sugar, rare enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids gave honey a nutritional value that is rarely combined with a single nutrient.

Discover the top 15 health and beauty benefits of natural bee honey backed by scientific sources.

What are the benefits of natural honey?

The therapeutic benefits of natural bee honey are exceptional when used in moderation. Learn about the most important scientifically-proven benefits of honey:

Benefits of honey for diet

The benefits of natural honey for diet and weight loss were proven during a study conducted at the University of San Diego, where the study linked the replacement of refined sugar with honey for weight loss.

The results were positive, as the participants lost some kilograms of excess weight, in addition to lowering blood sugar and lowering triglycerides in the blood (1).

Another study showed the benefits of bee honey in suppressing appetite. This study was conducted on 14 healthy women. The study found that replacing honey with sugary products prevented potential obesity (2)

Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar and may have weight loss properties, but does honey increase weight?

You should choose natural honey of high quality and free from refined sugar. Most types of honey on the market are of poor quality and may be adulterated by adding sugar solutions.

Honey, like any food item, turns its benefits into harms when it is consumed more. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation due to its high calories.

Natural bee honey is rich in antioxidants

Natural honey is rich in nutrients, the most important of which are antioxidants such as phenols, flavonoid enzymes, and amino acids. This mixture gives honey a privileged position as an antioxidant (3).

Antioxidants promote health by:

Prevent free radicals that cause many diseases.

Delaying and treating signs of aging.

Polyphenols reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Boosts the strength of the immune system.

During a study conducted on 25 people for 29 days, they were given four tablespoons daily of natural honey, without undergoing a specific diet. 

By the end of the study, he found a significant increase in blood levels of polyphenols (4).

Benefits of bee honey in the treatment of allergies

The pollen contained in natural bee honey enhances immunity and relieves allergy symptoms.

Honey's treatment for allergies is unique and is called immunotherapy. Bees transfer pollen to natural honey. 

When you eat natural honey, the pollen enters your biological system. Over time, your body acquires the necessary immunity to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

A study was conducted in 2013 to study the benefits of eating natural honey and its effect on seasonal allergies. Participants in the experiment ate a high dose of honey (grams per kilogram of total body weight).

The trial found a significant improvement in symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Pathological symptoms such as itching, and sneezing decreased (5).

Honey is a natural source of energy

On honey's "perfect running fuel" this moniker didn't come out of nowhere. Honey consists of 80% sugar, 18% water, in addition to minerals, vitamins, pollen, and 2% protein.

This unique blend of nutrients provides the energy needed for your body, by supplying your liver with glycogen. 

You can ideally start your day by getting the benefits of natural honey on an empty stomach, and you can also take honey before and after exercise to supply your body with energy.

During trials comparing the effect of eating honey on athletes before exercise compared to carbohydrates, the study demonstrated the superiority of honey as a fuel for athletes. Its effect is also equal to glucose-rich energy drinks.

Get a healthy sleep

Honey promotes healthy sleep and helps to reach the restorative stage, which is the most important stage of sleep in which the body rebuilds muscles and damaged tissues, and enhances the body's immunity.

The benefits of honey before bed are many, the most important of which is to get healthy sleep, as honey works to provide the necessary energy for the body, which prevents it from thinking about a source of fuel during sleep.

Elevated insulin levels boost melatonin secretion, as honey stimulates the release of tryptophan that converts into serotonin until this chain reaction ends with melatonin production (7).

Melatonin works to provide deep and healthy sleep, helps the body build damaged cells, and protects against many diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes especially type 2, and stroke.

Benefits of honey in healing wounds and ulcers

Honey is a treatment and prevention for many diseases, and it also reduces the use of medicines and antibiotics that affect his health in the long run.

Upper respiratory infections are annoying to the child and parents alike and deprive the child and parents of healthy sleep. Cough medicines may be ineffective and have many side effects.

During a study of the effect of honey on coughing and compared two cough medicines, the study found that honey is the most effective option in getting rid of cough in children compared to those medicines (12).

Honey also promotes the health of the digestive system by regulating bowel movement, and treating indigestion, constipation, and bloating. 

In addition to the natural nutritional and therapeutic benefits of honey as an energy booster, an immune booster, and a healer for wounds and ulcers.

When is honey given to children?

You can benefit from the benefits of honey for children at the age of one year because honey contains bacteria that are not harmful to adults, but they may cause food poisoning for your child.

The causes of food poisoning are also due to the primitiveness of the immune system and the digestive system in children, and their insufficient development, so specialists advise against offering honey to children under the age of 13.

Benefits of honey for diabetics

The scientific evidence linking the benefits of natural honey to diabetic patients is divided into valuing the health cycle and warning against consuming it in abundance.

Honey can treat serious factors for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, such as: reducing bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol, treating infections, and lowering triglycerides.

Despite these benefits, eating honey raises blood sugar by less than refined sugar (14).

We conclude from these studies that honey is less harmful than refined sugar, and is useful for improving the health of diabetics, but it should be consumed with caution and with the advice of your doctor.

Benefits of bee honey for hair

Dandruff is a problem that worries many. Dilute honey with water and use it on the scalp. It also treats seborrheic dermatitis, the main cause of itching, and the appearance of dandruff.

During a study, researchers found improvement in all patients after using honey diluted with water on the scalp for four weeks. 

The itching disappeared from the first week, and the skin lesions were healed within two weeks, in addition to a significant improvement in hair loss (15).

Benefits of Honey for the skin

Natural honey for multiple skins. It is a gentle and natural exfoliator for the skin, in addition to its unique nutrients that nourish and treat skin problems of all kinds, whether oily, dry or sensitive.

The benefits of honey for the face are due to a unique combination of elements that lighten the skin and maintain its hydration while cleaning the skin by gently exfoliating and resisting harmful bacteria. Honey also regulates the secretion of oil from the skin.

These properties give honey the ability to treat acne and hide irritation, in addition to many benefits for all skin types. Learn more about the benefits of honey for the face and how to use it safely.

Bee honey is a treatment for high blood pressure

Honey helps reduce high blood pressure because it contains antioxidants.

During studies conducted on humans and mice to see the effect of honey on blood pressure, studies concluded that eating honey causes low blood pressure in small percentages (16).

Improve cholesterol levels in the blood

The high level of bad cholesterol in the blood causes many chronic and dangerous diseases such as heart disease, and atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attacks and stroke.

A study was conducted on 55 cases to compare the effect of honey compared to refined sugar on blood cholesterol levels. 

The research found a 5.8% decrease in bad cholesterol, a 3.3% increase in good cholesterol, and a 1.3% reduction in weight for honeyeaters (17).

lowering triglycerides

High triglycerides may cause the emergence of some chronic diseases, as it is the main driver of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Triglyceride levels rise on diets rich in carbohydrates and sugars. Replacing sugar with honey will lower your blood triglycerides.

One study found a relationship between triglycerides and replacing honey with sugar. Triglycerides decreased by 11-19% when honey was used as a substitute for refined sugar (18).

Benefits of honey for the heart

Honey has many nutritional properties that are important for better health. Honey is rich in antioxidant compounds and phenols that reduce the risk of heart disease.

Honey helps the heart's arteries to dilate, allowing better blood flow, which prevents blood clots from forming that cause strokes and heart attacks (19).

During a study conducted on mice, researchers found the effect of honey on protecting the heart from oxidative stress, but no human research appeared to confirm this effect (20).

Help fight cancer

The phenolic compounds in honey can fight different types of cancer. Honey also possesses anti-inflammatory and immune-regulating properties, making it an important nutrient for preventing cancer (21).

Honey works selectively to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and limit their spread (22).

Benefits of honey for the stomach

The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of honey help treat many stomach diseases. You can take a mixture of lemon juice sweetened with honey in the morning on an empty stomach to facilitate digestion and treat stomach problems.

Eating a spoonful of natural honey may prevent excessive gas from the stomach, and the effect of mycotoxins, which improves the health of intestinal bacteria, causing prevention and treatment of stomach problems (23).

We learned about the amazing benefits of bee honey, maybe it's time to learn about the unique benefits of beeswax in fighting bacteria, and infections, moisturizing and preservatives for skin and hair from boredom And that, in addition to many other benefits and uses, get to know them now (from here)

honey side effects

Despite the exceptional benefits of natural honey, the eating pattern has the largest factor in answering the question: 

What are the harms of honey? Your moderate use of nutrients ensures that you benefit from them while avoiding the side effects of overdosing.

Honey is a form of sugar, we must not forget that fact, so it should be consumed in moderation, specialists recommend 100 calories for women, and 150 calories for men from sugar sources per day. 

This amount is equal to two teaspoons of honey for women, compared to three teaspoons for men.

As we mentioned earlier, honey should not be given to infants under 12 months of age, as it may cause food poisoning in children under a year.

Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes should consult their doctor, to introduce the appropriate doses of honey to their diet according to their health condition.

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