Benefits of sage for slimming

Sagebrush is considered one of the most well-known traditional herbs in the world, and it is known about this plant that it has many therapeutic uses and is also characterized by its aromatic smell. 

In the article, we will write about the benefits of sage to lose weight.

Benefits of sage for slimming


Sagebrush is known by many names, such as sage officinalis, and it is known as a plant species that follows in its botanical genus the genus sage, which comes from the oral family, and sage is cultivated in many Arab countries, the Maghreb, the Balkans 

western and eastern Europe, and it is known that the sage tree is perennial and evergreen and consists of a stem Its leaves are woody and its leaves are gray, and its flowers turn from blue to purple, and sage is used in many medical and culinary fields, and it is used as an ornamental plant.

Sage benefits

There are many benefits of sage, and we will mention some of them as follows

Sage works to strengthen memory: This is due to the presence of thujone, which improves the work of the brain and increases blood flow in it, and contributes to strengthening memory.

Sage works to enhance the senses: because it helps to provide the body with receptors that contain serotonin so a quantity of boiled sage must be eaten to improve the work of the five senses.

Sage works to increase concentration: because it contains elements that increase the brain's simulation processes.

Anti-Alzheimer's: The latest medical studies confirm that sagebrush helps treat Alzheimer's disease, and provides positive effects to those with it. Eating a quantity of sage over four months effectively contributes to improving memory for Alzheimer's patients and people with mild and moderate memory problems.

Sage works to resist infections and allergies: because it contains active substances such as cineol, borneol, and chlorogenic, which work to combat infections, are anti-allergic and anti-irritating, and work to expel parasites and fungi.

Sage works to maintain the heart and reduce cholesterol: This is because sage contains flavonoids, which are abundant in many types of sage, which relax blood vessels and protect the heart and arteries.

Sage works to promote skin health: This is because sage contains an abundant amount of vitamin C, which helps in the processes of collagen synthesis in the skin, which is also important for cell renewal, increasing their formation, protecting them from oxidation, and preventing the emergence of free radicals.

Sage works to enhance the health of the immune system: because it contains many natural compounds and vitamins, such as vitamin C, which increases the strength of white cells.

Benefits of sage for slimming

Sage has many benefits for losing weight, we will mention some of them:

Sage works to dissolve the accumulated fat in all parts of the body.

Sage increases metabolism and thus facilitates the process of slimming and weight loss.

Sage works to burn triglycerides because it contains sesame.

Sage reduces appetite.

Sage works to dissolve rumen fat because it contains folic acid.

Sage works to rid the body of fluids because it is considered a diuretic.

Ways to use sage to lose weight

Sage and honey recipe for slimming

the ingredients:

a cup of boiling water.

 A tablespoon of honey.

Amount of sage leaves.

How to prepare:

Put the sage in a cup of boiling water.

Leave the sage for ten minutes.

Add honey to the ingredients.

Sage and green tea recipe for slimming

the ingredients:

Half a tablespoon of green tea.

Half a tablespoon of fresh chamomile.

Half a tablespoon of sage.

How to prepare:

Put the water in the boiling pot and let it boil.

Add sage leaves to the water and leave it for five minutes.

Add chamomile and green tea to the mixture.

Leave the ingredients together for five minutes and drink on an empty stomach to increase fat burning.

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