Benefits of white honey

What is white honey and where does it come from?

Honey is the substance produced by worker bees as a result of inhaling and collecting the nectar of various flowers. 

The bees convert this nectar in their digestive system into honey and store it in special wax cells that farmers make for them and take them after they are full. 

We use it as an important food because it contains monosaccharides, yeasts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and calcium. 

The composition and quality of honey vary according to the type of flowers and the nature of the place and climate in which these flowers are located. 

There are mountain honey, wild honey, farm honey, and white honey. It is one of the types of honey that bees make after inhaling the nectar of the flowers of Ghaf trees that grow in the Hawaiian Islands.

Benefits of white honey

What are the benefits of white honey?

1- One of the benefits of white honey is that it is used as a sweetener instead of sugar to avoid the damage caused by sugar

2- It provides the body with energy and activity and strengthens the focus

3- A natural antibiotic against viruses and bacteria

4- Contributes to the treatment of the kidneys and bladder

5- Helps treat infections, wounds, and burns

6- Contributes to the treatment of chest diseases and is used as an expectorant

7- It strengthens the heart muscles and helps treat heart diseases such as atherosclerosis

8- Contributes to the treatment of low blood pressure

9- White honey also contributes to the treatment of arthritis, and the following are the most prominent benefits of white honey in special cases

• Benefits of white honey on an empty stomach

1- Stimulating blood circulation and providing the body with the necessary energy

2- Moisturizing the throat and pharynx and preventing dryness

3- It improves mood in the morning

4- Adding a spoonful of it to a glass of water strengthens the body’s immunity and increases the rate of burning calories

5- It gets rid of phlegm and treats chest diseases

• Benefits of white honey for pregnant women and the fetus

1- It provides the pregnant woman with vitamins, iron, sugars, and mineral salts necessary for her and the health of the fetus

2- A tablespoon of white honey in the morning reduces the feeling of nausea, vomiting, and dizziness

3- It contains substances that kill bacteria, microbes, and germs, so it protects the pregnant woman from pregnancy poisoning

4- Eating two tablespoons with each meal of the pregnant woman provides the fetus with vitamin B2, which nourishes the nervous system of the fetus and protects it from congenital malformations.

5- It is used as a useful alternative instead to harmful sugar, and it protects the pregnant woman from gestational diabetes

• Benefits of white honey on the skin

1- It moisturizes and tightens the skin and gives it freshness and vitality

2- Contributes to the unification of skin tone and treatment of spots and pimples

3- It is used to treat inflammation and redness

4- It can be used to remove cosmetics from the skin

5- It is used with other additives to make natural masks for the skin that moisturize, lighten and give it freshness and vitality

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