Breakfast with eggs is the fastest way to lose weight

 Breakfast with eggs is the fastest way to lose weight

Breakfast with eggs is the fastest way to lose weight

Eating eggs daily for breakfast will lose weight within 8 weeks

A new benefit is added to the benefits of eggs, which contain a high-quality protein content and provide all the essential amino acids, but weight loss is one of its benefits that some people are ignorant of.

And a study - published in the US National Library of Medicine for the Institutes of Health - revealed that eating eggs for breakfast can be the fastest way to lose weight for those looking to lose a small amount of their weight.

The British newspaper "Daily Express", quoting the study, stated that breakfast with eggs helps to lose weight by up to 65% within 8 weeks.

The study showed that after 8 weeks on a group of volunteers who ate eggs for breakfast, their body mass index decreased by 61%. Energy intensity and total energy for 5 days per week.

Scientists who conducted the study believe that breakfast with eggs promotes weight loss when combined with an energy-reducing diet.

However, the study indicated that this does not mean that we can eat eggs for breakfast, then eat whatever we want for the rest of the day, and continue to lose weight.

The scientists explained that the inclusion of eggs in a weight control regimen may serve as a nutritional supplement that promotes weight loss.

They also pointed out that there are health benefits for the elderly if they are keen to eat eggs because it is rich in protein, and work to prevent stroke and increase muscle strength.

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