Calories in Watermelon - Does It Help With Weight Loss?

 Calories in Watermelon - Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Calories in Watermelon - Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Watermelon is one of the most popular summer fruits at the moment, as it contains many nutrients that the body needs, but does it cause weight gain?

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This is what the Conselto reviews in the following report, according to the websites "Nutritionix" and "Verywellfit".

calories in watermelon

Watermelon contains low calories, but it varies according to the amount eaten, as is evident in:

A piece of 286 grams: 86 calories.

Two pieces of 572 grams: 172 calories.

The more watermelon you eat, the more calories your body will get.

Watermelon nutritional value

When you eat one piece of watermelon, the body gets the following nutrients:

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- 0.4 grams of fat.

- 2.9 milligrams of sodium.

320 mg of potassium.

22 grams of carbohydrates.

1.1 grams of dietary fiber.

18 grams of sugars.

- 1.7 grams of protein.

33% of the RDA for Vitamin A.

39% of Vitamin C.

- 1.5% of calcium.

- 3.8% iron

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Benefits of watermelon for weight loss

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The low-calorie content of watermelon is not the only reason to help lose weight, but it contains some other elements including:

Watermelon is characterized by containing a large amount of fiber that helps increase the feeling of satiety and thus lose weight, and reduce body mass index, and blood pressure.

- Followers of low-fat diets can eat watermelon without worrying because the percentage of fat available in it is very small.

Watermelon calories can be burned by walking for 23 minutes, running for 8 minutes, or cycling for 12 minutes.

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