Causes of delayed ejaculation in men: know them

 Causes of delayed ejaculation in men: know them

Causes of delayed ejaculation in men: know them

Delayed ejaculation in men is rare but does exist, and this article is devoted to mentioning the causes of delayed ejaculation in men.

Delayed ejaculation or delayed ejaculation is the difficulty of completing ejaculation in men during intercourse, and this phenomenon ranges from difficulty ejaculation during full intercourse to difficulty ejaculation at all.

Physical causes of delayed ejaculation in men

In fact, men who suffer from delayed ejaculation face not easy suffering, and although this phenomenon is rare, it does exist.

The physical causes of delayed ejaculation in men are as follows:

1. Infection with some chronic diseases

Many chronic diseases lead to delayed ejaculation, most notably the following:


Multiple sclerosis.

2. Taking some types of medication

There are some medications whose side effects are delayed ejaculation, the most prominent of which are: Antidepressants belonging to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) family.

It is worth noting that the reaction of women to antidepressant drugs is delayed until the inability to achieve an orgasm.

3. Drug abuse

The effect of drugs is not limited to the mind, but extends to the body, sometimes delaying ejaculation in men.

4. Getting old

Aging is closely associated with delayed ejaculation in men, and the reason for this is often a lack of male hormones resulting from the aging of the glands that produce these hormones.

Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation in men

The psychological causes of delayed ejaculation in men are as follows:

1. Bad sexual habits and patterns

Sex habits and patterns have a significant impact on the ejaculation process, for example:

A man who is used to masturbating in one way, such as rubbing against the bed, will find it difficult to ejaculate in another way.

A man who is used to masturbating with a very strong and massive touch on the penis will find it difficult to ejaculate with another, more gentle intercourse, such as oral sex or full intercourse.

2. Fear

Fear, ambivalence, and guilt about ejaculation during sex are all deep feelings stemming from childhood and teenage struggles, resulting in delayed ejaculation and many other negatives during intercourse.

3. Suffering from separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a concern that the child feels about being abandoned by his mother or father, and this anxiety affects the social and sexual life of the child when he grows up, and one of these effects may be delayed ejaculation.

4. Other reasons

There are many additional psychological causes for delayed ejaculation in men, most notably the following:

Inconsistency in the marital relationship.

The existence of power and control conflicts within the marital relationship.

Experiencing a traumatic event, such as discovering a wife's infidelity.

Ways to improve premature ejaculation in men

In the absence of the physical component to consider, treatment of delayed ejaculation is performed according to an understanding of the following two axes:

Understand the psychological component that causes delayed ejaculation.

Practicing constant exercises that reduce anxiety and fear.

Each case must indeed be dealt with separately, but in general, the level of ejaculation in men is improved by the following gradual steps:

Ejaculation while masturbating next to his wife.

Ejaculation with the help of the wife with simple sexual actions.

Ejaculation during full intercourse.

It should be noted that if there is no result despite the application of the steps, it is best to consult a doctor, as there are medical treatments for this case.

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