Causes of sudden erectile dysfunction: Here are the most important ones

Causes of sudden erectile dysfunction: Here are the most important ones

Causes of sudden erectile dysfunction: Here are the most important ones

There are many problems that a man may face in his sexual life, the most important of which is erectile dysfunction. 

What are the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction? Did it happen? The most important information is below.

Although erection problems may occur with most men, their occurrence in more than 20% of intercourse times means that there is a defect, and here we will review the most important causes of sudden erectile dysfunction:

Causes of sudden transient erectile dysfunction

Here is a list of some of the transient causes that can be dealt with to quickly resolve the issue:

1. Exposure to stress and anxiety

Stress for a man is one of the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction, as stress and anxiety are feelings that stimulate the brain to release certain chemicals that prevent an erection.

The man may enter into a vicious circle where if he does not get the appropriate help, as the tension causes the lack of an erection, which leads to more tension the next time of intercourse.

2. Drinking alcohol

There is a close relationship between drinking alcohol and erectile dysfunction, especially when drinking excessively. 

An increase in the level of alcohol in the body disrupts a man's sexual desire, especially in older men.

3. Some types of medicine

Some types of medications, including over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines, blood pressure medications, pain relievers, and anxiety medications, are a common cause of sudden erectile dysfunction.

4. Problems in the marital relationship

To have a sound and healthy intimate relationship, the two parties to the relationship must be interested in the relationship from the start, and here in particular some problems may appear that cause sudden and temporary erectile dysfunction.

The presence of general problems in the relationship between spouses, such as lack of understanding, or anger may cause the emergence of this type of problem as well.

5. Other causes of sudden erectile dysfunction

These transient issues can also be causes of sudden erectile dysfunction:

Fatigue and exhaustion: especially when trying to have sex in the evening after a long and hard day.

Difficulty handling condoms: A man's inability to handle condoms during practice quickly and properly may cause this type of problem.

Use of condoms: Condoms may reduce the sensitivity of a man's penis to sexual stimuli.

Other problems: such as depression, lack of self-confidence, and substance abuse.

Serious causes of sudden erectile dysfunction

Sudden erectile dysfunction may occur in a man as a result of more serious problems, the most important of which are:

1. Problems with the endocrine system

The presence of any problems or diseases in the endocrine system may cause erectile dysfunction and sexual problems, such as diabetes, which may cause problems with nerves and blood flow, especially in the limbs and penis.

2. Heart problems

Heart disease and problems may contribute to sudden erectile dysfunction. This type of health problem may affect the amount of blood that is pumped into the penis for an erection, and when the blood circulation is weak, achieving a healthy and complete erection becomes difficult.

These problems include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis.

3. Obesity

Excess weight or obesity may be one of the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction, especially since obesity may induce many diseases that have a known negative effect on erection, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Problems with hormones

Some hormonal problems in the body can be one of the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction in a man, especially those related to low levels of testosterone, or a high level of the hormone prolactin, the milk hormone.

Also, men who engage in some intense physical sports, such as bodybuilding, may face problems with erectile dysfunction, especially those who rely heavily on hormones and steroids.

5. Neurological problems and diseases

Some different nervous system diseases may be one of the causes of sudden erectile dysfunction, as these diseases inherently affect the ability of the nervous system to communicate with the reproductive system.

These diseases and neurological problems include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, and tumors in the brain or spine. 

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