Coconut benefits for pregnant women

Coconut benefits for pregnant women

Coconut benefits for pregnant women

Coconut is one of the famous tropical fruits that grow on the beaches, and it is used in the manufacture of many food and cosmetic products. 

The oil is extracted from it, and its water is used. That is why “Madam” met with nutritionist Zina Abdel Karim, who referred to the following regarding the benefits of coconut for pregnant women.

Coconut nutritional value

The fruit has a high nutritional value

Coconut fruits are rich in various minerals, sugars, and vitamins important for health. They also contain nutrients that give activity and vitality to the body, whether in the fruit itself or the water in it. Coconuts are also a source of healthy fats that are beneficial to the body.

Coconut benefits for pregnant women

Coconut fruits contain lauric acid, which is necessary for the formation of breast milk, which begins to be formed during pregnancy, and thus increases milk production for the newborn after birth.

Coconut is a food that fights constipation, which is an annoying symptom that pregnant women suffer due to hormonal changes and lazy bowels.

Protects pregnant women from high blood pressure during pregnancy due to its richness in potassium.

Coconut oil is also one of the useful and useful oils in cooking, and as an alternative to vegetable oils that harm the body and cause cardiovascular disease.

Coconut water contains magnesium that promotes muscle health and reduces muscle fatigue.

It helps the pregnant woman to overcome heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or indigestion.

It helps the pregnant woman to overcome headaches that affect her during pregnancy.

Coconut also provides energy and refreshment for the pregnant woman, and reduces her feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Coconuts contain calcium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth.

Aesthetic and external benefits of coconut during pregnancy

External aesthetic benefits

Pregnant women can massage the abdomen with coconut oil to reduce and treat abdominal cracks.

Coconut oil is used as a lip balm during pregnancy in a safe and fast way.

It treats hair damage due to pregnancy and lack of nutrients, and it can be used as an oil bath before washing dry hair.

Disadvantages of consuming coconut during pregnancy

Pregnant women may be allergic to water and oil

Some women may be allergic to coconut and its water.

Some women may experience an increase in weight in case of excessive intake.

Some women may suffer from high blood pressure in the event of excessive consumption of coconut water as a supplement. 

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