Diet dates and milk to lose weight

 Diet dates and milk to lose weight

Both dates and yogurt contain a high nutritional value, which makes them a high nutritional value mine, in addition to being an ideal choice for those who suffer from digestive and nervous disorders.

You should be careful in case you suffer from diabetes, which makes it necessary at the time to consult your doctor about the amount that you are allowed to eat.

Diet dates and milk to lose weight

In all cases, make sure not to continue this diet for more than a week, and if you want to repeat it again, you should then take a break for at least two weeks.

Also, make sure that you are not allergic to milk and that your stomach accepts this type of food comfortably. 

Other than that, there are no contraindications to following this diet, unless you suffer from chronic kidney diseases or the like. Then, you should consult your doctor about the possibility of this.

Here are the details of the dates and milk diet:

What is the diet of dates and milk?

This diet depends on not eating any food except dates and milk. You will have to eat these two ingredients in all of your meals, for a period ranging from five to seven days, and then stop and restart after at least two weeks, if you wish.

Diet dates and milk for nursing mothers

This diet may be insufficient in terms of nutrition for the nursing mother; It needs a good amount of nutrients, but this diet does not achieve this completely, despite the nutritional importance of these two elements.

Therefore, it may be best not to follow this diet for breastfeeding and pregnant women alike.

Disadvantages of a diet of dates and milk

Sometimes the diet of dates and milk causes dizziness, nausea, and weakness, which requires you to stop if these symptoms persist for more than two and a half days, especially if you suffer from a blood pressure disorder or a migraine.

Diet dates and milk in a week

The ideal period for this diet ranged from five to seven days, and perhaps the ideal period is a whole week, provided that you rest from this diet for no less than two weeks if you want to return to it.

Diet dates and milk in Ramadan

Ramadan may be an ideal opportunity for this diet, but it may not be sufficient to nourish the fasting person and compensate for what his body lacks food during the fasting hours.

Dates and milk diet method in detail

Eat a cup of milk with three dates at breakfast, and make the meal that permeates large meals of unroasted nuts, in an amount not exceeding six grains during a whole day, and at lunch eat a cup of milk with five grains of dates, and at dinner eat a cup of milk with three Other grains of dates.

Drink at least two liters of water during the day, and avoid any sweetened and opaque drinks.

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