Does coconut help in losing weight?

 Does coconut help in losing weight?

Does coconut help in losing weight?

The benefits of coconut for health are numerous, organically, aesthetically, and perhaps psychologically, but do these distinctive benefits include the possibility of losing weight while eating this famous tropical fruit?

Coconut and weight loss

At a time when coconut works to control cholesterol and blood pressure in the body, and thus improve heart health, in addition to increasing energy and beautifying the skin and hair, some point to a hidden benefit of losing weight.

Health experts believe that coconut contains little to no carbohydrates, as the United States Agriculture Organization indicates that one tablespoon of coconut means that the body gets only 3.5 grams of carbohydrates, which reveals the possibility of relying on coconut to lose weight. 

In this case, especially since the natural and unprocessed sugar available in coconut, it is easy to add to foods or drinks, in line with the weight loss regime.

Coconut also has properties that effectively contribute to increasing the feeling of satiety, as it contains useful fat content for this purpose because it digests slowly, while tropical fruits contain percentages of sugars that allow you to gain the energy needed for movement, and thus increase the chances of losing weight.

Weight loss, however!

Despite the multiplicity of evidence that indicates the possibility of relying on coconut sometimes, to lose weight in a short period, some nutrition experts believe that the proportions of calories that carry saturated fats in coconut are not small, which should warn of the possibility of a reversal Things are the other way around, which means the coconut causes weight gain, not weight loss.

From here, it is always advised to be balanced about eating coconut, as it can be added daily to your meals, but in proportions not exceeding 10% of those meals, meaning that if you eat 1,600 calories per day from other foods, the proportions of coconut should not exceed 160 calories. thermally.

In the end, coconut can be resorted to lose weight, but in appropriate proportions and without exaggeration, bearing in mind the multiplicity of benefits of these tropical fruits, which require eating from time to time.

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