Drinks you shouldn't have before sex: Get to know them

 Drinks you shouldn't have before sex: Get to know them

Drinks you shouldn't have before sex: Get to know them

Some drinks cause difficulty in intercourse, so the article will present a list of drinks that should not be consumed before having sex, and learn about it from here.

Let's get acquainted with the following list of drinks that should not be consumed before having sex:

Drinks you should not have before having sex

Some things can hinder the practice of intimacy and affect its quality, including foods and drinks, so you should refrain from eating fatty foods that cause digestive disorders, and refrain from the following drinks:

1. Drinks rich in caffeine

Although caffeinated drinks help alertness and raise energy, they cause an increase in cortisol levels in the body, cortisol is the stress hormone, and if it is high, it causes difficulty in relaxing the body and reduces sexual desire.

Therefore, it is advised to avoid the following drinks before having sex between spouses:



Soft drinks.

Energy Drinks.

2. Mint drink

Among the drinks that should not be taken before sex, one of them is mint, as mint can cause a decrease in testosterone levels in a man, as it contains the menthol compound, which affects the strength of an erection.

Mint drink can be replaced with some other herbal drinks, such as chamomile, anise, and others, as it helps to feel relaxed and treat any digestive disorders that can affect sexual practice.

3. Soft drinks

In addition to the fact that soft drinks contain a high percentage of caffeine, they cause an increase in belching, which is embarrassing during intimacy.

Also, soft drinks contain a large percentage of sugars that cause high blood sugar levels after consumption, and this causes negative effects on sexual health.

4. Dairy drinks

Drinks that should not be consumed before having sex One of the drinks made of dairy products, as it reduces sexual desire, and dairy products can affect the production of sex hormones in men and women, and therefore it is not recommended to eat dairy products before having sex.

This applies to various milk products, such as yogurt and yogurt.

A cup of warm milk can be taken after sex and before bed to feel relaxed.

5. Chocolate drinks

Although chocolate helps increase sexual desire, excessive consumption of it or drinking drinks made from it can affect sexual desire negatively, such as milk chocolate and others.

This is because it contains methyl xanthine, which causes a feeling of lethargy, and it is also rich in sugars that impair sexual ability and negatively affect health. 

In general, it is recommended not to excessively consume chocolate drinks.

6. Drinks rich in sugars

Drinks that should not be consumed before sex, one of them is sugary drinks, whether it is fruit juices or other drinks.

As these drinks affect the secretion of levels of sex hormones, causing feelings of increased energy temporarily and quickly energy levels decrease again.

7. Licorice

There is a close link between licorice and lack of sexual desire because it contains glycerin, which causes a decrease in testosterone levels, which controls sexual ability, and therefore licorice drink is among the list of drinks that should not be consumed before having sex, especially for men.

Important advice for men and women

It is advised to avoid drinking any fluids before having sex, even if it is water; This is because fluids increase the need to urinate, which causes embarrassing situations between spouses, and affects the intimate relationship greatly

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