Early detection of breast cancer

Early detection of breast cancer

An article on how to detect breast cancer early and the importance of early detection of breast cancer, self-examination, and the method of breast examination by hand. 

What is the treatment for breast cancer?

Early detection of breast cancer

The importance of early detection of breast cancer is that it is the only way through which breast cancer can be eliminated and treated. 

On the contrary, the delay in detecting the disease means more difficulty in treatment with a higher risk of death due to cancer.

According to the statistics of breast cancer in the World Health Organization and quoting the International Agency for Research on Cancer in its 2008 report:

The number of breast cancer cases annually: 1.38 million cases

The number of deaths due to breast cancer annually: is 458,000 deaths and this percentage is constantly increasing.

To learn more information about breast cancer and the importance of early detection, here are the following details.

The importance of early screening for breast cancer:

The death rate from breast cancer is higher in developing countries compared to developed countries in which breast cancer is detected in the early stages, and here the importance of early screening for breast cancer appears.

Through this step, the woman with breast cancer has the chance of survival, in addition to the chance of preserving her breast and not removing it completely, as happens if the tumor was discovered in late stages.


Symptoms of breast cancer:

Before we move on to the method of breast cancer self-examination for early detection of the disease, we must first brief you on the symptoms of breast cancer:

The early symptoms of breast cancer in women are persistent breast pain, a change in the shape of the nipple, the emergence of a new lump that does not go away, a difference in the appearance of the breast skin with pain and itching, and clear discharge from the nipple in yellow, red or brown.

Advanced symptoms of breast cancer in women, they appear with enlargement of one of the breasts, a change in the shape of the breast skin to resemble an orange peel, the nipple entering the inside, sudden weight loss, and vaginal pain.

Breast screening methods for cancer detection:

- Home self-examination to detect breast cancer: This examination is easy and simple, you can do it yourself after completing your period 

so that you raise your right hand above your head and with the fingers of your left hand you feel the breast in circular motions while passing over the armpit area to feel the presence of lumps 

paying attention to the shape of the breast The skin, breast size and appearance of the nipples, to quickly notice any changes that may occur.

Medical examination to detect breast cancer: It is recommended to undergo it once a year, and the doctor will determine the mechanism of the examination, whether it is a clinical examination in the clinic, or by ultrasound or mammogram.

Breast cancer treatment:

There are many treatments for breast cancer, the type of which is determined by the doctor according to the stage in which the cancerous tumor is discovered, and based on the age of the patient.

Among the methods of treating breast cancer are surgical removal of the cancerous tumor, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, etc., and it is possible to adopt more than one method together according to the decision of the specialist doctor.

In conclusion, on the occasion of Pink October and breast cancer awareness campaigns, we advise you, Madam, to undergo periodic examinations to detect breast cancer. We also advise you to follow the general advice to prevent breast cancer and avoid its risk. 

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