Erectile dysfunction: Here are all the facts

 Erectile dysfunction: Here are all the facts

More than half of men between the ages of 40-70 have erectile dysfunction. Here are the main causes of erectile dysfunction and the different treatment methods in the article.

Erectile dysfunction: Here are all the facts

What is erectile dysfunction? And what are its causes? And what is its treatment? Here are the details and facts about erectile dysfunction in the following:

erectile dysfunction definition

The World Health Organization defines erectile dysfunction as the persistent or recurrent inability of a man to achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual performance.

In 1992 the Institute of World Health and the World Health Organization recommended replacing erectile dysfunction with erectile dysfunction, as a more precise medical term with a less negative relationship.

Numbers and statistics about erectile dysfunction

About 152 million men around the world suffer from erectile dysfunction, 30 million of them in the United States alone, and certainly millions in our Arab world.

Experts estimate that more than half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction, according to the following breakdown:

30-39-year-olds: 23% of them have erectile dysfunction

40-49 years old: 40% of them have erectile dysfunction.

50-59 years old: 52% of them have erectile dysfunction.

60-69 years old: 61% of them have erectile dysfunction.

Age 70 and over: 69% of them have erectile dysfunction.

About 900,000 new cases of erectile dysfunction are expected each year in the world, and erectile dysfunction is a common, exacerbated, and often treatable condition.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

These are some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction:

1. Erectile dysfunction due to physical condition

Sexologists address the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction or the causes of erectile dysfunction, and this phenomenon can occur for physical reasons as well as sensory.

The physical aspect can result from accidents, such as those that cause paralysis from the hips to the bottom.

There are many men of advanced age, i.e. over 50, who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, vascular problems, and benign enlargement of the prostate gland, all of which may lead to erection problems.

2. Erectile dysfunction only with sensation

From a sensory point of view, men reach a state of erectile dysfunction due to sensory castration; Because they were rejected, for example, or made excuses.

Another sensory factor for impotence is youthful anxiety called performance anxiety, but this anxiety is temporary.

Sensory and physical problems can be treated by tadalafil pills, which are called the yellow magic pill, whose properties will be mentioned in detail at the end of the article.

Not only the elderly can take it, but it is also recommended for young people to overcome performance anxiety, but it is not necessary to reach a state of drug dependence.

3. Erectile dysfunction due to bad habits

Other causes of erectile dysfunction are related to lifestyle, for example:

Heavy cigarette smoking is one of the causes of erection problems; Because nicotine impedes blood flow to the penis.

Drinking alcohol for a long time and not exercising contributes to decreased sexual performance.

erectile dysfunction treatment

Tadalafil is the only pill that allows choosing the right moment for sex within 36 hours and when the sexual relationship improves the marital relationship changes.

This pill allows those who suffer from impotence to choose the right moment for intercourse during the weekend, and the long-term effect of this pill contributes to better sex.

What are tadalafil and its features?

Tadalafil is a drug that selectively and reversibly inhibits phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5), thus allowing the smooth muscle tissue relaxation of the penis needed to achieve and maintain an erection to continue.

What distinguishes tadalafil from other pills is that:

There are no specific times to take it.

It has fewer side effects than other pills.

An erection can be obtained within 36 hours without the person having to be programmed for 4 hours like other pills, where sex must be done during a certain period.

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