Experiment with the boiled rice diet

 Experiment with the boiled rice diet

Experiment with the boiled rice diet

My experience with the boiled rice diet

The rice diet has been used for the first time since 1939 AD by Duke University medical researcher Walter Kempender successfully to treat obesity since then.

A woman says in one of the electronic forums that she was suffering from a significant increase in weight and that she applied a strict diet based on boiled rice and yogurt to lose weight.

At breakfast in the morning, she had a glass of orange juice not sweetened with sugar.

Lunch and dinner consisted of boiled rice without oil and a pinch of salt with low-fat yogurt and a glass of orange juice.

It is forbidden to eat any food other than rice and yogurt and when feeling hungry, they are eaten.

You should drink orange juice so as not to get constipated and drink an appropriate amount of water for 5 days a week.

Diet experiments with boiled rice and yogurt

Rice helps treat obesity; The rice diet relies on healthy carbohydrates, and fiber-rich vegetables, fruits, and grains make up the bulk of this diet, which is also low in fat and salt. The importance of synchronizing the rice diet with lifestyle changes that include; Exercising, making sure to eat 1,600 calories per day to maintain good nutrition, 

and after the detoxification phase, a person can stay on about 1,000 calories per day until he can gain the required weight, and in the final stage, the calories are raised a little more.

This diet consists of several stages, the first of which is called the phase of detoxification, and includes eating 800 calories per day, and in the second phase, 

the permissible amount of calories rises to 1000 calories, and in the last phase, which begins after reaching the desired weight, the permissible calories rise to 1200 calories to maintain weight.

This diet determines the foods that can be eaten, namely; Rice, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, and this diet allows eating protein in its last stage only, and here is one of the systems followed for this diet:

Breakfast: a quarter cup of rice, fat-free yogurt, and a few fruits, preferably one piece of any kind.

Lunch: a cup and a half of rice, plenty of cooked or uncooked vegetables, and a few fruits.

Dinner: as at lunch

Only boiled rice diet

We show you the rice diet, which helps you lose 5 kilograms in one week, provided that it is discontinued after a maximum of 10 days and then continues again. 

Which breakfast is eaten unified throughout the diet, which is only a glass of skimmed milk and a spoonful of honey. 

Lunch consists of four tablespoons of well-boiled white rice, and it is preferable to soak it before boiling to get rid of the largest amount of carbohydrates that are inside.

Eat a vegetable salad without oil and it must be free of any type of bread, in addition to choosing a type of meat, whether it is chicken or grilled steak.

You can switch the salad and add skimmed yogurt to it throughout the week.

It consists of vegetable soup and a piece of toast. Snacks can be eaten between meals with just one apple and the diet must be cut for one day and then followed again if desired.

Boiling or boiling rice is the best way to cook it, to avoid the vegetable oils that are high in fat.

Add boiled or fried high-fiber vegetables to cooked rice to make a more filling and healthy meal.

Some cumin seeds can be added to steamed rice. Cumin is known to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels and may also add flavor and taste to the rice dish.

Some coconut oil can be added to the water in which the rice will be cooked, and it was recently revealed that adding coconut oil to white rice during cooking can increase the amount of resistant starch in it and reduce the number of calories in the dish.

You can add a few cloves when cooking rice, cloves are also useful in regulating blood sugar and also contain antioxidants to fight inflammation.

One type of diet my experience

In one type of diet My experience, many doctors advise patients who suffer from obesity to a diet based on eating every two hours to maintain a constant rate of burning in the body.

The owner of this experience says that her weight was 130 kg and her length was 150 cm, which caused her a lot of inconveniences because her weight was much more than her height.

He drank a drink of hot herbs, which consisted of nigella, thyme, fennel, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and green coffee.

Half an hour after drinking the drink, she would eat a green apple with a box of skimmed yogurt with two drops of lemon juice on it.

Two hours later, you eat lunch, and it was a quarter of a chicken, preferably grilled or boiled breast, with a plate of green salad, and after three hours, you eat a glass of kiwi or pineapple juice, and before bedtime, a herbal drink and skimmed yogurt.

power diet my experience

The salad diet is considered one of the healthiest types of diet because it contains all the nutrients we need and is suitable for all cases that need to lose weight.

The owner of the experience says I have tried many types of diet, and after my experience with the salad diet, I can say that it is one of the best types of diet because I can eat from it Whatever I want, 

it is low in calories, so I do not feel hungry, as it is nutritionally and healthy and does not cause weakness or weakness, and more than that, it is a very effective diet in losing weight.

400 grams of cucumbers are brought with low-fat yogurt and onions with salt and spices

Wash the cucumber well, cut it into cubes and chop the onion

Put the vegetables in a salad bowl, then add spices and salt to taste

Add the yogurt to the previous bowl

Follow the cucumber salad diet for 10 days, then immediately follow a balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean diet

My experience with the vegetable soup diet

Vegetable soup is one of the foods that are useful to the body and that help burn fat while the body gets what it needs of minerals and vitamins to not affect the body and its various organs. This soup contains a high nutritional value with few calories.

Vegetable soup is one of the foods that are beneficial to the body and that help burn fat while getting the body what it needs of minerals and vitamins in order not to affect the body and its various organs.

This soup contains a high nutritional value with few calories, which leads to the disposal of accumulated fat in the body.

A doctor prescribed a vegetable soup diet to an obese patient and gave him excellent results.

Make a vegetable soup consisting of green peppers, 2 onions, zucchini, and tomato juice.

These vegetables are cut into medium sizes and raised on the fire with water to complete maturity.

Eat vegetable soup throughout the day and a piece of meat or chicken without fat and skin with fruit such as watermelon or cantaloupe.

You can eat yogurt or skimmed milk, as well as tea and Nescafe without sugar.

It is also sometimes possible to eat leafy vegetables such as lettuce and watercress, take care to take 8 glasses of water, and exercise.

The person stays away from carbohydrates, fats, and sweets, and does not eat pasta and rice.

This system helps to lose about 6 kilos per week.

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